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The Color Purple - Epic Drama Movie

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Essay Preview: The Color Purple - Epic Drama Movie

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"The Color Purple", is an epic drama movie and play of an African-American woman's struggle to overcome poverty, adversity, and a marriage to a brutal and controlling husband. Taking place in the south during the early 1900s to mid -1930s, the movie tells the life of a poor black woman, Celie Harris whose abuse begins when she is young. By the time she's a teen, she has already had two children by her father unbeknownst to her he's her stepfather. He takes them away from her at childbirth with the assistance of her little sister and tolerant mother. A local widower Albert Johnson, known as "Mister", marries her as a teen then abuses her mentally and physically.

He makes her clean up his chaotic household and take care of his undisciplined children. He beats her often, submitting her into silence with his strong and willful acts of intimidation. Celie's sister Nettie comes to live with them, because the father is now trying to consummate her and there is a brief period of happiness as the sisters spend time together. Nettie goes to school to read and she teaches Celie how to read because Mister won't allow her to attend class. Celie began to feel joy that her sister is now with her and she has a playmate but this is short-lived because Nettie refuses Albert's predatory affections once too often. He separates the sisters by kicking Nettie out into homelessness leaving her begging on the down in pleaful tears not to separate them. He does not have any empathy for her because she does not desire him and she is cast away, but before leaving, she promises to write her sister and stay in touch.

Mister's old flame, a jazz singer named Shug Avery comes to town and she needs a place to harbor. She is sick and initially regards Celie as "ugly" on their first meeting. Despite the initial ruckus, they eventually become close friends and Shug helps Celie raise her self-esteem and they also have a fling. Celie also finds strength in Sofia who married Mister's son Harpo. Sofia had also suffered abuse from the men in her family but she takes no mess from anyone. Sofia's bold nature and temper proves to be her worse enemy. She felt insulted by the mayor's wife request to work for her as a maid. Her response in a sharp witty voice was "Hell No." The mayor in quick response slapped her for the comment which led to her punching and knocking him out. She is then beaten by white passerby's then jailed by the sheriff.

Years pass by and her sister has been living with missionaries in Africa but writing to Celie often. Mister confiscates Nettie's letters, telling Celie that she will never hear from her sister again. Shug left for a while but returns with her new husband, Grady. Celie is a little jealous now because she grown quite attached to her. Shug comes back for her to take her away but before that happens;



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