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The Committee of Syura

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The committee of Syura

Due to the obligatory of syura system is huge as it have to conclude all things that wasn't state in the Qur'an and the sunnah, so the eligibility of each of the syura members must be not been taken slightly or for granted. It was said that, the qualified member of syura must be an 'ulama or any pious man who is a fair and just person, a man with wisdom and etc (which the qualifications is not yet far as the ruler)

The number of committee members is not been stated as the numbers is actually depend on the ruler that time how many committee does he want. During the period time of the Apostle of Allah and the Khilafah Ar-Rasyidin, peculiarly in the period of hadrat Umar, there were six members of shura that work together with him to smooth the administration. These six members are those who consisted of 'ulama, the leader of Muhajirin, the leader of Ansar, the military commander and the highest military commander.

The membership's requirements in Syura are:

1. A man. Woman allow to join but only in her own society (women only)

2. Be impartial, just and fair.

3. A pious and righteous person.

4. Own lots of regarding the religious matter, politic and etc. This conditions wasn't to ensure the expertise of that person in the every field of knowledge, but its sufficient to certain knowledge regarding the position held.

5. Right in actions and his deeds.

6. Have wide knowledge, professional and was an experienced person in the field that been responsible for him.

7. Has high level of professionalism. As this condition is actually like the 'duplicate' to the condition number two

The conditions above obviously show that the members of shura are actually those can be classified as Mujtahidin, which is the Islamic law-maker in order to assist the legislative body and the judiciary.

The field of shura members :

The shura members are responsible to administer the actions of the ruler in order to make sure that the action is not going to cross the limit of the jama'ah's matters. The fields are:-

1. Conduct the election of the ruler/chief.

-The election of a ruler has never been stated by Rasulullah S.A.W during his life, therefore, the election of a ruler by shura can actually been done through voting, election and etc.

2. Dismiss the head of a state.

-The committee has power to dismiss the ruler if the ruler has cross or disobey the rule and regulation or if he has abused the eligibility power



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