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Salt Lake Organizing Committee Questions & Answers

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Essay Preview: Salt Lake Organizing Committee Questions & Answers

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Salt Lake Organizing Committee Questions


1) What is the difference between lobbying and bribery?

According to my United States Congress class, there are lobbyists whose job is to convince the senators in a favour of their political party when it comes to vote for a bill or any amendments in return to a good deal which would likely be money. Lobbying is a legal action, which is done between government officials. However, bribery is an illegal practice of offering money or any other favour to an official in order to change, influence their decision. It is found outlawed by the U.S. constitution.

2) What argument could the SLOC members make that the payments made do not fit the definition of an illegal bribe (under the FCPA)?

If they would not have given any gifts, which are exceeding the value of 150 dollars, then they could have right to defend themselves; however, the gifts values are going way beyond then which was set by the International Olympics Committee. Therefore, they have already violated the rule of IOC. Also it is clear under Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that offering bribery to an official not only in the Unites States also in any foreign country is illegal. Only argument they can make is to convince to judge that they have been acquiring religious actions in return to these made payments; nevertheless, no such a thing exist so they will have to suffer their unethical decision' results.

3) What do you think is the appropriate punishment for the violation of ethical and legal principles?

As culture differences, there are law differences in country to country. Consequently, depending on a country' or state' ethical and legal principal there should be suspensions and even cancellations of official's licenses. In this case, I believe the individual officials should be resigned of their title' and never will be able to take their former positions.

4) Should the remedies be limited to the expulsion of the members who violated those principles, or should the entire community be held responsible?

The officials who have been violated the rules shall be responsible for their own unethical and illegal actions.



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