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The Day My Life Changed

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There was a little girl, her name was Sydney. Sydney was in the seventh grade. She was going through a lot of stuff at this time.

The first thing she was going through was family issues. Her mom was always gone to work. Sydney was left home alone with her step dad who abused her all the time. She had bruises everywhere. She would try to tell her mom but, she never listened always told her she was lying. Sydney didn't want to tell the police because she didn't want him to go to jail.

The second thing she was going through was school. She didn't understand the stuff she was learning in class. She would ask the teacher for help but, the teacher didn't have time to help her with anything. Her teacher would tell her she had to figure it out by herself even though she couldn't figure it out by herself because she didn't understand. She was failing all of her class' because she didn't understand.

Another thing she was going through was, she didn't have any friends. Everyone at school thought she was poor and smelled really bad. So no one would talk to her or hang out with her. She would cry every day because, when she asked a question everyone thought it was stupid, everyone in the whole class laughed, even the teacher laughed. She liked this guy named Jordan but he was way too popular, so she didn't talk to him.

One day when she was home alone with her step dad, her mom walked in the house and caught him beating her with a belt with metal on it. Sydney's mom ran over there and snatched the belt from her husband and hit him with it really hard. Then she ran to Sydney and held her really tight and said "I will never leave you home alone with anyone else that you don't feel comfortable around."

After Sydney stop crying her mom called the police. Ten minutes later the police came racing inside the house and hand cuffed him. Then they took him outside and threw him in the police car. He was going to jail for twelve years.

The next day Sydney went to school everyone was coming up to her asking if she was ok. Then everyone started being her friend. Everyone was asking to hang out with her and inviting her to their parties. Jordan, the guy she liked came up to her and asked her to be the love of his life. Sydney became the most popular girl in the whole school.



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