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The Best Day of My Life - Personal Essay

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The best day of my life, was when I had children. When I was eight years old I was raped, he ruptured my insides, the Dr had told my mom that there was a slight chance that I would never be able to have children. I age twelve I was messed around with again, I couldn't stand my life! I always asked myself why me? I age fourteen I tried to kill my self four times. I lived through everything thanks to my family and god.

I graduated from high school in 2004 at Crestview high school and the Columbiana County Career center, I then got my own place at age nineteen. I worked full time at bad frogs bar and grill in Lisbon Ohio as a cook, bartender and waitress. At age twenty I thought maybe I should start collage and see what I can work hard for in life. So I stared Kent State University in Salem Ohio. I took the path to Early Childhood education, then met someone and fall in love, I got married and still continued to finish school.

Age twenty three I was on my way to school and the roads were covered in snow and ice, I was going around the corner on 164 and a salt truck didn't see me,. I tried to stop but kept going into a telephone pool, I was ok. They told me to go to the hospital anyways, so I did so. The Dr came in and asked me if there was any possibility of being pregnant, I told him no but they did a pregnancy test anyways. An hour later he came back in and told me the test was positive. I cried, my mom gave me a huge hug and said my baby's having a baby.

My son Daniel was born on October 21,2008. He is now two years old, At the age of 25 I had a set of twins, a boy and a girl. There names are Emma and Tyler Gray. They where born on October 19,2010, they are now 9 months old. Throughout all of this I have stayed positive and motivated to be a great mother and a positive person. I am looking forward to furthering my education at Argosy University online. I plan to continue to give my children the best life possible so they never have to live the nightmares that continue to haunt me. This is the best day of my life.



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