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The Importance of Education

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Essay Preview: The Importance of Education

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the fertilizer of prosperity----education

The education is the fertilizer for us to grow the flower of prosperity, is the oil for us to utilize during our journey of economy development. The reason why education is so indispensable is that it develops the technology, enhances the cultural quality and helps people become confident and competent.

Technology is the center of economy development of a country. Just like the text book says that technology is the basis of the competition among the countries nowadays. That's right, most of the countries can make a car, can build a building. But the question is whether they can make a car with the least amount of resources, whether they can build a building with the least amount of labor. And this is called technology. Technology can't not jump from sky miraculously. In another word, only when we spare no effort to develop it can we improve our technology condition. One of the most efficient ways to develop technology is education.

Knowledge gained from education in university and high school is the basis of creation. Creation which is the big part of the technology consists of invention, innovation and also good and new ideas. In the 21th century, society don't need the people who only know how to learn and imitate, we need people who is creative enough to lead the trend of fashion. If we don't get educated, we can't be qualified for thinking of new ideas because we even don't know any theory or principle of the world. If we don't get educated, we even don't know the importance of creation.

Let's take the intelligence in America as an example. Most of the people in the world are willing to buy the products of Apple, ipod, ipad and iphone. Because they consider their products as the luxury, and as the symbol of high quality. The reason for this phenomenon is these product catch the attention of consumers for the creative function and the unique appearance which can make the products stand out even in the world. It is the creative intelligence of America designed the product, and they earned most of the profit of each product. However, it is the developing country like China manufacturing them, which can only get a small part of the profit. But can we say, the resources China take to manufacture products are little? Just the opposite, we put lots of money in manufacturing with the environment as the price but gain little. It is because that China doesn't have enough creative intelligence to invent something that can be popular in the world. Although the people in China are intelligent, many of them can't get education which tell us that whenever and wherever we are ,we should keep thinking and learning. Just like a proverb saying "without keeping using our brain, it will be covered with rust".

With the development of technology, there are more and more efficient methods for us to produce more products under the scarce resources. Many resources are unsustainable, such as fuel, coal and so on. Whether we can make full use of these resources has been hot topic of the economy development. In 1958, at the beginning of foundation of China, China can only make 30% use of the resources to produce steel. It means that with the same resources, America can produce nearly 2.5 times amount of steel more than those in China. And this is the best evidence to see the difference between a high productive efficiency country and low productive efficiency country. The situation has been improved a lot, but it is indisputable that China still has lots of efficient methods to discover and learn. For example, the mechanization of our America's agriculture is one of the advantages that China has to learn. There are only 500 million people (only 2% of the total population) in America is working on agriculture, however they can support 2.9 billion American's lives. Most important, their output of wheat, corn and cotton is far ahead of any other countries output. On the contrary, some poor area in China which has the long history of agriculture still use the original method to produce the corns and wheat. The people there are uneducated, as a result, the only way for them to produce products is to follow the out-of-date way their parents had told them. Can the production efficiency be high in these area?

With better education, we can also find the method to utilize some new energy which is environmental friendly and sustainable. The resources are scarce, as the economics book says, so we must use high education, high technology to develop a sustainable road of economy development which is the key point for every country to base on in the process of developing. Who can find this way can smile until the end, who can't, failed.

An axiom goes that "culture is the root of one country", which would be the second point I want to mention. Education can help us forgo the draff of culture and inject the positive and new element to it. The power of culture can be transmuted into the power of competition. For example, being affected by the American's culture, we buy the American's products, we see American's movies, we read American's books, and we go to America to further our study. Without our consciousness, American culture has become part of our thought and stimulated us to pay attention to America and stimulated us to buy American goods. All of these, have turned into the development of material power, the economy power.

China which is one of the oldest countries in the world has the positive cultural power known as the soft power, too. There are many places of interest in China, like The Great Wall, The Summer Palace, The and so on. All of this attract millions of tourists all over the world a very year. What's more, the Chinese food, Chinese festivals and Chinese customs are some parts of the Chinese culture which can let other people fall in love with China so that we can get some revenue from the friendly



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