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My Educational Experience

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Essay Preview: My Educational Experience

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Children came to school to do things and live in a community which give them real, guided experiences which fostered there capacity. Thus, our educational experience start from the day we go to school. However, some believes that educational experience is started from the day we born. But I think before schooling we were fully supported by our parents. So, school is the first place where we put our own skills and knowledge and begin experiencing the new things. Everyone have their own educational experiences of their schools and college life. Similarly, after I reached to the university level and turn back to my past I amazed by knowing the books I had read and things I had experienced. I feel like I am here due to those all knowledge and experience I had gained in my school life. I started my formal education at the age of four, however my educational experience of childhood was bitter but gradually it goes on improving.

My childhood education was not satisfactory. My parent's job was not stable, so they had to shift from one place to another once or even couple of time in a year. So I had to change many schools. So, being a new to school I use to be lonely and it took time for me to make friends. But as I make new friends I had to move to another school. Likewise, the teachers in my school were very strict. They usually behave students like an animal that can only learn by punishment. There was no excuse even for small mistakes. For instance, I had to submit my assignment fully on time, give the answers of all the questions asked by the teacher in class and concentrate on them while they were teaching otherwise I had to be ready for the hard punishment. I had one bitter experience when I was in class 3. Teacher called me to solve the mathematics problem on blackboard, I was not so prepared for my class and I got it wrong. At the meantime I was banged by a bamboo stick at my back by my instructor while I was solving the mathematics problems in a wrong way. I was not even informed that I was going to be hit by a stick. In addition, I was send outside of my class and remained standing on the hot sunlight ground. These types of experience makes me feel teacher in a negative way. So when I used to hear the word 'teacher', my heart beat start moving faster. I used to scare with a teacher more than a ghost. Moreover, I was kind of dull minded boy comparing to my friends in small. I couldn't concentrate my mind in class. And I took long time to learn even for small things. Thus, when I remember about my school life during my childhood i still gets shocked of the punishment i had got.

I got different experience in my middle school. My middle school was the top school in my city for education. The school environment was little different than my previous school. Teachers were friendly though they were strict. But also I used to get punishment like standing on the bench by catching my ears in class when I didn't do the homework. In addition, I, sometimes, threaten by the teacher that I will be getting certain types of punishment if I couldn't answer the questions asked by him on the next day. However, I got kind and helpful teachers as my year past in middle school. Furthermore, my grade was improving as my year past. I was invited by my friends to solve the study problem and assignment, so I started feeling confident on myself. Similarly, I began to understand the concept of how to implement the knowledge



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