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The Kite Runner

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Essay Preview: The Kite Runner

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The use of steroids or any sports enhancing drugs should be banned in track and field because they offer no real benefits to the athletes that use them. Many track and field athletes used or have used steroids to improve their performance. Athletes believe there are many reasons for using steroids such as fear of losing, wanting the capability to never losing and always being the best. But whatever the situation, there is never an acceptable reason for track and field athletes to takes steroids. Some important reasons why track and field athletes should not take steroids are because it causes health problems, people with natural ability will be running against enhance runners and it affects their conscience.

The first reason why track and field athletes should not take steroids has to do with health problems. Over a long period of time, after taking the steroids the athletes will start having side effects, which could be permanent due to taking the steroids. Some side effects are immune system, the use of anabolic/androgenic steroids has been showed to produce changes in the body that may impact on an individual's immune system. High blood pressure, an athlete using steroids will notice a rise in blood pressure during treatment. Depression, steroids use will have an impact on the on hormone levels in the body. Birth defects, steroids can have a profoundly impact on the development of a fetus, and blood clotting, will take longer for blood clotting to form. Track and field athletes should think about the other athletes, who are training hard to be the best, while others are taking steroids to overcome the other athletes who work so hard. These athletes should not have the privilege to run if they are taking steroids, they should all be doing it the natural way, without taking steroids which is cheating. Track and field athletes need to be more respective of the other athletes, and less unfair with other athletes.

The second reason why track and field athletes should not take steroids is related to cheating because other athletes are putting their effort and time to be the greatest, so its not fair for other competitors to be taking steroids to overpower the other who try to do the best of their ability. In almost all sports, its illegal for athletes to take steroids. So why should track and field athletes be allowed to takes them? They are many reasons why an athletes may start taking steriods. These reasons can be directly from the athletes or other people. Direct reasons include dissatisfaction with performance, lack of confidence, and the belief that others are using drugs. Indirect aspects form people are often specific pressures. For example, the expectations of a coach or the athlete's family can put tremendous amounts of pressure on the sportsperson. Other specific pressures include peers, fans, and promoters. Using steroids to cheat is still unacceptable and illegal in



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