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The Meaning of Life

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Between the sixteenth and eighteenth century nobility in France had taken many different turns. This newer rank of nobility in France caused a shift. The two nobility's and non nobility people effected France in many ways. These different types of nobilities added new ways of thinking in France during this time. Government offices or these newer nobles, purchased offices in royal governments and soon earned the name of royal nobles.

First off, the traditional nobility known as sword nobility was based off a mans service into the military. Most of this would have to do with honor, and in order to preserve this honor they take pleasure in killing their enemy. (doc 6) This shows that France had a system of honor to preserve for their king. In a Declaration Louis XIII writes he states that true honor is to respect his laws, but he mostly says that he likes men who risk their lives for France. (pov) However, Pierre de La Primandaye a sword nobleman states, "There is no true nobility except that which deceives from virtue and morality." (doc 2) Pierre is saying that you have zero nobility unless you came from someone that already does. In any case, there are different points of view on how a man can earn his nobility. Then again, it would come to a point were this nobility did not even matter to most people, including princes. In a statement made by the Prince of Conde, he states " sword nobility is now banished from judicial and financial affairs.." (doc 4). Sword nobility would start to become less and less powerful over robe nobility soon enough.

Robe nobility was some what corrupt in France, sense nobleman could just buy their way into a royal office. For example, Prince of Conde and his father could make sure nothing would go past without their consent, basically meaning that they supported what they wanted to support. (doc 7) This had a great effect on France, meaning corrupt royalty had whatever consent they wanted to pass by. Villagers of Mondeville wrote a testimony to Parliament demanding that the status of a nobleman did not mean they could commit acts of assault upon them. (pov) Poor labors would become angered with these acts of assault, and have uprising. King Louis XIV soon released an edict for nobility stating "...who can choose to reward important services...". (doc 10) The king started granting himself his own powers, which would soon cause non-nobility such as the poor to become angered.

Non-Nobility consisted of pretty much everyone else that was not already a noble. Most non-nobility people would be stating how unfair it became for nobles to traple all over them. Non nobles also wrote playrights, and practically stated how most nobles could not even live up to their birth right as a noble man. (doc 8) However, even some men that truly are noble say that you can never be a real noble if received the title from the king. A sword nobleman is Paris



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