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The Safe Man by Andrew Schultz

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Essay Preview: The Safe Man by Andrew Schultz

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"The Safe Man." By Andrew Schultz

"The Safe Man." By Andrew Schultz is a friction, in which the main plot based on sexual harassment in the workplace. In this paper I will discuss the literary elements that were used in this fiction, mainly plot, and main character, the setting, types of conflicts, and the lessons the author wanted to impart on his readers. I will also discuss the point of view from which the story is told.

This story is set in a Corporation. One that appears to be very successful to which the author eludes to with the mention of the many sales meetings and conferences that were held off site at luxury Resorts and Hotels. In the opening paragraph the author uses metaphors to describe for his readers how love, without discrimination to creed, color, age or level of authority, invades the walls of the Corporation consuming all in its path. "Like rain it falls evenly, upon those most high and powerful to those most ordinary and mundane." (Schultz, 1991, p. 290) For a moment, the reader is led to believe that this is a story about love; about a man and a woman falling helplessly in love while working together, getting married, and living happily ever after. Love in its purest and simplest form.

However, the theme quickly changes to highlight the numerous affairs, indiscretions and inappropriate behavior that can take place in a work environment. The author also draws attention to extend to which those involved will go to carry out these indiscretions. The risks and cares that were taken in the name of love. One may be of the misconception that this kind of behavior only involved those at the bottom of the Corporate Ladder, those with not much to lose, or those not familiar with the law as it related to sexual harassment in the workplace. Yet, there is mention of a senior executive who was having an affair with a young assistant 30 years his junior ( Schultz, 1991, p. 290). In addition, many of these executives used their corporate account to facilitate and hide their affairs.

The story is told in the first person from the protagonist point of view, and he refers to himself as " The Safe Man." In the first half of the story, the protagonist appears to be a gentleman. One who is well liked and respected by his colleagues, including his superiors, and subordinates, even by those who had no direct contact with him. Everyone trusted him with his or her darkest secrets. In the story The Safe Man says this about himself

I was, of course, quite good at my job, rising to senior middle management in charged of a sizable department in the marketing division. I traveled frequently and spoke at corporate and industry gatherings. I was at a level high enough to be in regular attendance at all the annual bigwig events, the sales, meetings, conferences and conventions. I was well thought of and well liked (Schultz, 1991, p. 291).




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