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Tire Depot and Car Care

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Essay Preview: Tire Depot and Car Care

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Tire Depot and Car Care

In 2017 CNN estimated close to two billion users on Facebook, that is almost a third of earth's population, right in the palm of your hands. Today’s world is much different then even the world just ten years prior, technology is advancing faster and faster everyday. Everything we need will soon be at our fingertips if it isn’t already. Amazon now has same day shipping, payless grocery stores, and a plethora of other streaming services, brick and mortar business are slowly becoming a thing of the past and ecommerce is spreading faster than a wildfire and business must be able to adapt to the change, or their business will begin to suffer. It seems that today the word of mouth means nothing without running to the internet to check the reviews on Google or Yelp. We as a society tend to ‘Google it’ but what we really are doing is searching on the internet, but Google has become so massive as a company and intuitive that it rose to the top as the leader in search engines and has a great selection of personal or business cloud needs. The 21st century is witnessing an explosion on Internet-based messages transmitted through these media. They have become a major factor in influencing various aspects of consumer behavior including awareness, information acquisition, opinions, attitudes, purchase behavior, and post-purchase communication and evaluation (Faulds Mangold pg. 358).”

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Jeff Bezos has recently been a very popular name in the media, he now has the highest net worth and has surpassed  Bill Gates, Mr. Bezos founded Amazon. Amazon today has over twenty different services it offers ranging from online shopping, video/music streaming, cloud services, home services (groceries), and a new and innovative feature, AmazonServices. Amazon has really revolutionized not only just the only online buying experience, but imagine going to the grocery store, selecting all your items as you had planned in advance, and leaving; no line, no wait. Amazon prime has changed shipping and logistics where a small annual fee earns you free two day shipping, or very cheap fee for next/same day shipping. Amazon is like your one stop shop for almost everything and anything you need. Amazon offers different buying options for products ( new, used, etc.). Amazon even offers a rent option for textbooks, offering students an easy, cheap solution to a known problem among students. Amazon has the ability to reach a vast range of demographics they offer so much it’s almost not fair, so why not capitalize on it? Amazon allows you to become a vendor on Amazon. This allows you to create an account and post items for sale on the site, allowing it to be seen by everyone in the entire world who has access to Amazon. More importantly upon further research, we had stumbled upon AmazonServices, perhaps the essential key needed for social media advertising as a service provider. What it does is allows you as a professional, to reach Amazon customers in your area and sell them your professional services through the platform. Moreover, we found that not only does it help sell professional services to Amazon users in your area, but specifically when looking at related items (Automotive Parts). The catch here though is there is no catch. Amazon offers zero upfront cost, no monthly subscription fees, and no advertisement fees. Amazon will promote for you, specifically to the audience you want to target, for free initially to give you insight and to help you transition. The benefits can be summed up to a few, but they can significantly impact the business; no upfront cost, it creates jobs for you, Amazon picks only the best providers in the area so you compete with the best, and it allows you to expand your business. Amazon in essence allows you to be a double threat vendor and service provider, and when people view something your selling, they can get your professional service with just a click. Amazon alerts you for jobs and they also pay you for the work. Amazon is expanding in ways only imaginable and they can help grow your business, we believe that this could be the future of the business more so than any other platform, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also important, however Amazon seems to be vital to diversify yourself from the competition.

Though Amazon we believe is essential, other platforms also play a major role in the social media marketing. For most who use the internet, Google is the most popular search engine and most business have already taken full advantage of that power. Google to the average user is a simple concept, you can search anything and everything, but are your results going to be the same as someone in another city or even another zip code? Most likely not, depending on the search. Google isn’t an uniform blanket search engine. Google knows what you’ve searched, what you’ve looked at and where you are to tailor the results to you. They use cookies and search history to piece together a collage of information consisting of thousands even millions of results. Advertising on Google can be extremely beneficial, especially for local business’ because Google uses a service called Search Console to monitor your website in google searches. It allows for insight into how sites perform on Google and also helps pinpoint problems and offer improvements. Google Console Search is available to those who have Google accounts (which is free). Search Appearance allows you to select how your website is shown in search results, this can be key because results are influence by a number of factors. Console Search allows Google to mine data to see where your visitors come from, which domain links into your website, and what your internal structure looks like. In essence it’s a trace, it allows you to track where the traffic is coming from, and shows trends to capitalize on. Search Console is really designed for those who understand the importance of Google search but don’t know how it ties into customer engagement, those who feel like someone should be doing all the work ( Google), and those who concern themselves too much with building their social media platforms that they don’t understand or see how searchers behave and how to engage them. Vaness Fox had this to say in er book Marketing In the Age of Google, “If you’ve picked up this book, you already realize that search is becoming the primary way in which many people get information, decide what to buy, and make those purchases.” This platform works hand in hand with another service Google offers, Adwords. This however is not free, but can be very beneficial, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Adwords allows you to advertise on social media sites affiliated with Google such as Google itself and Youtube, the second largest social media site. Google offers a selection of ads based on customers needs: Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Adwords Express, and Shopping Ads. After further research the most cost effective way to advertise is Search Ads, Adwords Express, and Shopping Ads. Shopping Ads is rather self explanatory, whenever consumers are looking for specific products, advertisements will show up among the searches. AdWords Express is similar to Amazon Services, where you can build a great reputation online locally and become a trusted professional in the community. Finally Search Ads will advertise to searchers as soon as they search for a product or service you offer. To partner with Google in advertising can only benefit the business, a good amount of services are free or do not cost very much. AdWords typically costs between one and two dollars per click, and you can even control your budget and Google will advertise as best as it can given the budget. AdWords monitors ads and also collects real time data for you to see and make changes. You can edit ads and test them to see if they appeal more, and all the data is easily accessible from anywhere there is internet connectivity. A big ad budget can’t hurt, but AdWords levels the playing field. AdWords is an auction system where a someone searches a keyword that you have chosen, then google quickly calculates a score based on CPC (cost per click)  in addition to Quality Score, a score based on the relevance and usefulness of your add. The higher the quality the higher your chances of your ad being shown. Also, you can pay more money for certain words increasing your chances of showing up over other ads, it’s quite brilliant and for the most part it’s user friendly.  



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