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Together We Stand

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To the members of our community:

Speaking as a concerned resident of the suburban neighborhood community which I have lived for almost six years; it has been brought to my attention that members of our community have begun falling ill for unbeknown reasons, yet they all possess the same symptoms. Through person-to-person interviews and time consuming research, I have come into some very disturbing details about the practices distributed by our gas companies, which in turn is affecting our community. I could not believe the total disregard and lack of integrity shown toward members of our community. Rather complain I would rather fight to make a change.

The concern referencing natural gas exceeds the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide and potential explosions. Although it is lead to be viewed as safe, the gases contribute to poisonous we breathe. As a community we have the option of working together by demanding valid responses to our questions and concerns or remain silent and wait until people's illness becomes worse. Conforming to what may continue to hinder us is not an option. Changes can be implemented without pushing natural gas companies completely out of our community. Finding solutions that will alter hazardous practices, but allow us as a community to continue healthy living is a must; this is a must that cannot be compromised or only met half way. For two long we have been victims of this illness based on information unbeknown to us. It is important that the community is made aware of the fact that contamination is not limited to drinking water or the air we breathe on a day-to-day basis. The releasing of pollution throughout the community results in the contamination of our food as well. As result we are placed at risk of becoming ill or possibly worse; resulting in unnecessary deaths. For members of our community whose opinions differ, once illnesses began impacting our families, those who reside in our community and other individuals outside of our families or households; no longer can we continue assume these illnesses are genetic.

In agreement with members of our community, it is undeniable that we reside in a community which affords us of all the amenities needed in order to provide an enjoyable environment for our families. The favorable activities afforded to us have positively affected both adults and children living within our community. However, just as the positives have impacted our lives for the better--- now sickness threatens to impact our environment in a negative manner. The alarming changes made within our community cannot be ignored. This form of contamination occurred due to the standard of maintenance not being upheld; causing pipes to leak chemicals into the water used to provide most soil needed in order to feed our community. As a solution to this form of recklessness, a sticker set of state regulations and policies should be implemented and enforced



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