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Camp Nathan Smith Standing Orders

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Camp Nathan Smith Standing Orders

Paragraph 2, Section C (Out of Bounds Area)

Paragraph 5, Section B, Paragraph IV

This is a report by CPL Howard

Today I will be cover the topics in the Camp Nathan Smith Standing Orders. I will be covering the Living areas, and out of bounds areas and why it is so important, and why these rules and guide lines are emplaced. Camp Nathan Smith has a 10 page memo on all the rules and guide lines for the camp. These rules are really important to follow. You could jeopardize your career and your leaderships career also. I have been brought forth with this report on why it is so important to follow these rules in this memo and explain different circumstances for the importance of all of this.

The first topic that I am going to cover is Living Areas. There is a standing order to Camp Nathan Smith about having opposite sex personnel your living quarters . All personnel in your living area must be OK to have the opposite sex enter your designated living areas. If one person does not consent with this, that member of the opposite sex is not allowed in to the living area. All personnel must be fully clothed while there is opposite sex's in the same living quarters. If a member of the opposite sex is in a living area the door must be open, there can't be any locked doors, partitions, or other segregated areas while opposite sex is in one living area. If there is only one member of each sex the outside door to the living space must be completely open. Have the opposite sex in the same living areas causes great amounts of problems. Rumors start when someone sees a male and female walk onto the same room together. Assumptions are made and drama starts. This is why the army has made this policy to keep people from getting into great amounts of trouble. They made this policy to keep people from making mistakes i.e. getting pregnant, spreading diseases, causing marriage problems. I looked up online to get some more information and found some researchers that did a study on Co-ed dorms for college have both sex's living in the same building but the same rooms have a higher risk of "hooking up" then compared to if they were in separate buildings. This is why there is a flaw in the system understanding that we are in Afghanistan and we have to work with what we have and space that is allotted for living. That is why we have these memos out there to keep order in the living areas of the building. Most important is that people are to have integrity.

Out of Bounds Areas are the following: Kitchen preparation areas, opposite sex latrines/showers, ammo holding areas, ammo supply point, towers, firing positions and bunkers, TOC's, all office areas with classified material, generator farms, water towers, crypto vault, antenna/satellite areas.



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