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Tomorrow When the War Began

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Essay Preview: Tomorrow When the War Began

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Tomorrow where the war began is a film that was director by Stuart Beattie and written by Stuart Beattie & John Marsden (who wrote the novel to it). The films is about eight teenagers wonted to sleep out in tenets but what they didn't know is this would safe there lives because as they were sleeping their country was being invaded there families were taken and they need to work to gather to get them back.

Survival in "Tomorrow When The War Began" is a very important issue. The whole movie is about Ellie and friends learning to become independent and to fend for themselves in a world of violence and disaster. With there families and loved ones in capture, the team of troubled teenagers must fight to stay alive and kill, or be killed. John Marsden uses a variety of narrative devices to convey the meaning of survival and the worth of life itself to Ellie and her friends. He uses techniques like symbolism to represent a characters status or position in the book. E.g. Ellie was chosen to start the book off, because she is the main character, so the author wants the reader to be informed about her first of all, with her writing about there series of unfortunate events that make up the whole rest of the novel. He also uses imagery very well, by describing each event in clear detail to emphasise the way the characters are feeling, and the mood of the place they are at etc. E.g. "In the house, nothing was wrong, and that was wrong. There was no sign of life at all. Everything was neat and tidy. At that time of day there should have been food spread out on the kitchen table, there should have been dishes in the sink, the TV should have been chattering in the background. But all was silent. Corrie opened the door behind me and came in quietly. 'Jesus what's happened' she said, not as a question. The tone of her voice...

In the film suspense plays a big part in it to make the movie fill more real. The director/writer wonted this fill to fill as real as possible as you can with only a A$27 million beget, sound, music scores and special effects helps make a suspense's full fill to the move. Sound effects can help in a movie when eg. when the invaders found there house where they were staying, as the were running for there lives the sound of the copper really help give the scene more of a suspense full fill with out with out that sound effect they would just of running and you would not really care about it, this also happened when there was the explosion for the house the movie when slow motion you get the same effect, sound effects are not the only thing which helps brings a suspense to the movie music does as well, with music it can change the hold tone of the movie and give it a different fill if not done right eg. Lets say if some one is holding a box and happy music came on you would thing it's



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