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Toyota Prius Case Study

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Essay Preview: Toyota Prius Case Study

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Toyota introduced Prius's to the US market in 2000 initially targeting the early adopters of technology and latest gizmos. The €15m advertising campaign focussed narrowly on this market and successfully achieved its target. The initial buyer were the 'techies' and those who were interested in the newest product. Toyota introduced a roomier 'mid-size' Prius in 2004 seeing American's demand for larger vehicles. The price remained unchanged because of efficiencies achieved in the production process. Toyota's advertising highlighted the size and power, along with the environmental benefits, convincing the early majority that it was a performance car and environmentally friendly at the same time.

World's population and economies has seen many changes over the years. Toyota monitored these changes and observed the market demand for valued high technology, affordable price, clean operation, comfort, quality, convenient design, and safety. Prius's tag lines 'When it sees red...it charges' evoked curiosity and interest among consumers. It emotionally appealed consumers who were driven to study the relation of the ad campaigns to the technicalities of Prius.

Government agencies, Social groups and consumers are consciously working to combat the growing environmental and natural resources issues, especially oil and the future effects that may be caused. With such factors becoming primary concerns worldwide, Toyota's offer of a 'clean and green' environment friendly vehicle has gained itself a position of an 'environmentally concerned' Company which promises it future sustainability. Showing environmental concern and endorsing 'Green is Cool' is also becoming a trend which can be seen amongst celebrities owners of Toyota Prius.

Toyota effectively utilized new technologies, specially Internet to promote prius and target customers through e-brochures with video footage. They also developed a website prius.Toyota.com to facilitate interested customers to choose various options for the car before the dealers get involved for final exchange. Toyota sold 1800 cars via e-mail messages alone.

When Toyota launched its first hybrids, it highlighted the technical and innovative features of the car to target the innovators and early adopters of technologies. It later a



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