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Cmgt410 - Two Day Training Session

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Two Day Training Session

The 2-day training session was created to help organize the tasks and hours for the faculty and staff members. The training session plan was broken down into separate tasks, with each task having specific duties and processes towards the project itself. The first task of the session consists of what we are looking for in regards to training. The discussion included the goals for the training session, which faculty members should be selected, and what the curriculum should consist of. After that task was fulfilled, we moved on to the second task. The second task of the session is choosing and inviting faculty members to the training session. The selection of the faculty will be based on their experience with the course. Afterwards we will have a period where we will confirm the faculty member's participation in the session. After the confirmation, there will be a period of transmitting the training materials to and from the faculty. Once the materials are in place, the faculty member can then begin to prepare the course. After the faculty has prepared the training materials, we are ready to go the 3rd task. The 3rd task will consist of marketing the training session. The marketing of the session will go through two different mediums, newspaper advertisement, and training session brochures. After the marketing task has been completed, we will move on to the 4th task. The 4th task will consist of registration for the training session. The registration task will include collection of fees and registration forms along with confirmation of the students taking the session. After the registration task has been completed, the 5th task will begin. The 5th task will consist of the body of the training course. The task will be broken down into three components, training, participants, and faculty. Lastly the training session itself is broken down by the hour. This includes registration of participants, Welcome note by the chief guest, module delivery, breaks and lunch, and any other needed course information that is to be delivered to participants during the two day training course



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