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Training and Development Issues

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Essay Preview: Training and Development Issues

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Training and Development

Current issues:

Jonathan (2016) in The Borneo Post Online evokes the issues ‘Up skilling The Malaysian Workforce’. Nowadays, the employer only want to hire the employee with skills and talented instead of send them to training. Jonathan (2016) also mentioned the issues under training and development is related with employers.


 As cited in Jonathan (2016) in The Borneo Post Online, The Malaysian people failed to realize the training workforce is essential to achievement of the business with the most positive benefit to the employer also to the employee. Most of employers in Malaysia want to hire people with skill and talented instead of send their employee to training. Some of the employer thought that training need the high cost to send the employee to training but they do not know the training is one of the investment. Jonathan (2016) highlighted the training can make employee more productive in the workplace. Within the training the employee will learn something new that can give benefit to them and organization.

Moreover, in The Borneo Post online by Jonathan 2016 also stated the training is the key of the retention for an employee in the organization. According to the report in The Borneo Post, 60 per cent of workers are either actively seeking further education or 23 % for training and 37 % considering it to pursue a new field of work. This means the employees need the training to enhance their skills and to retain the employee in the organization. However, despite all the study is done, many organizations in Malaysia are still reluctant on upskilling and training their staff due to fear of employees seeking better opportunities after received training (Jonathan, 2016). This is the issue make organization did not send their employee to training.

        Fund also one of the problems for the company to send their employee for training. “Despite the uphill battle the HRDF is currently fighting in order to persuade employers to upskill their employees, the 67 false claims made by human resources trainers is not making things easier for the fund” (Jonathan, 2016). Small organizations cannot effort to invest in training due to turnover in the small company is high.

HR Solution:

In order to maintain the competitive organization the company must emphasize more on training and development of employee. First solution that related to HR function is, the company must invest on training. The company must provide a budget for training and development of employee. Investment on training can increase the productivity of employee in the workplace and give the benefit to the organization. Kieslinger and Simon (2004) stated the training activity is selected first in planning and budgeting. “Employer also must alert about change in law and trainees need to be recruited for training measures” (Kieslinger & Simon, 2004).  Therefore, investment on training can be one of the solutions to retain the employees and the result of training need also can solve the financial issue on training. This is because training need can identify the most important training for individual and for the benefit of organization.



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