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Ge’s Training & Development

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Essay Preview: Ge’s Training & Development

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GE’s Training & Development

Jackie Williams

Instructor: Stephen Shortland

Grantham University

1 Nov 14

G.E. Training and Development

        GE was founded in 1892 by Charles Coffin and J.P Morgan. It was founded so as to venture in innovations as it builds lighting, appliances, power system, and the rest of the products which are used in offices, homes, retail facilities, and factories all over the world to ease the struggles of the people. The company has since its inception come up with management strategies, training, development, and learning programs which has helped it infiltrate the market and establish itself as a global and successful company. What's more is that the learning programs offered by GE are not only availed to the employees and managers of GE but also to its customers. The company instills a learning culture among the various stakeholders and in their efforts to accomplish this it has established a learning center known as John F Welch Leadership Development Center. The longevity and success of the company has been enhanced by experienced and entry-level programs of leadership.

        Learning, development and training programs have enabled the company to prepare their new employees and retain the existing ones (General Electric, 2009). For any corporation to move forward it is vital that the employees they employ are qualified to play the roles that they are expected to. The quality of their output should either be equivalent to or surpass that of the competitors of the company. Retention of employees is also important as it ensures that important positions are not frequently left vacant. If this happens then the growth and development of the company will stagnant as the company will spend a lot more to hire new employees and cater for the losses incurred due to the departure of the employees. GE's act of using effective learning, development and training programs has therefore prevented it from experiencing these challenges and has eventually contributed to its success.

        Moreover, the programs have helped the company to create a management which discourages the employees from feeling like victims (Wall Street Journal, 1999). Employees should always strive not to feel like or be victimized in the institutions that they work in. an employee is in the wrong job if they feel like victims. Such employees will plateau the company as they will not rock the boat of the company's efforts to grow. At GE, managers are taken through leadership programs that help them correct the attitudes of their employees and thus discourage the employees from feeling like victims. An employee's attitude towards his or her job and the corporation that they work for greatly affects the quality of their output. The company also weeds out those managers who make their employees feel like victims and those who lose a lot of staff. This ensures that the managers engage in practices that motivate the employees to be spirited when it comes to their work. It also ensures that the employees are not overworked. Combining these benefits helps the company to move forward as the employees will tend to deliver the right quality of output.



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