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Truth and Service - What Is the Nature of "well-Being" or the "good Life"?

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Essay Preview: Truth and Service - What Is the Nature of "well-Being" or the "good Life"?

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2 What is the nature of "well-being" or the "good life"?

If we are talking about having a good life then surely that should be related to having a lot of money. However, I think that those who are a millionaire or a billionaire might that have the true quality in life. This is due to the fact that they are really busy in their life so therefore they don't have time to rest or chill out. I think that the nature of good life should be something like having 100% freedom. This means that you should have time and can do anything you want that makes you happy.

I would say that having a passive income is the key element that will make a really good quality in life. As you don't need to work and earn a lot without making you tired and allow you to have financial freedom and so you could buy anything as you wish. Moreover this leads to not having diseases or cancers because every day you eat foods that are good for your health and also have time to exercise which minimizes the risks of getting those dangerous diseases or cancers. Moreover in my worldview I think that it will make perfection you could do whatever you want without having anybody to order or force you. Lastly, if you have what we called "true love" and "true friends" it will hopefully make you have a better life. And at last you will acquire the true quality in life.

3 What is "true goodness" or what is a "good person"?

A good person in my worldview is someone who did something in which a community or a society agrees that what he has done has produced good results for every aspect possible. This means that they should do good things in every way probably helping others who have troubles without hoping to get anything back from them. Moreover donating stuff or money to charities is a good example of a good person while not wasting your money on useless things. Also we have to do good so that those people can take you as an example and follow what you do. In other words, when you do good things some people might recognize that and also wanted to do the same thing.

In addition, they are someone who doesn't look down on people or speak bad about them behinds their back. Plus you have to respect the elders including your parents and a good person in my worldview is someone who thinks about others before themselves. So it doesn't matter even anything happen to him/her as long as he/she is able to reach the goal. Plus doing things without causing troubles to others and not being selfish can also be defined as a good person.

Also in term of my worldview, a good person should be someone who doesn't abandon their friends. For example when your friends and you get into a fight you must not run away, but help. Plus you must love your family such as looking after your parents when they are old. As when we



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