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Well Being at Work

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In today's society from a business perspective we must be professional and able to adhere

to the many challenges that come when working in the business especially in large corporations.

We must develop ways to adjust, adhere and accept the challenge of the position we hold with in

the business. Having an open mind will allow you to be more adaptable to change, flexible and

understanding as well as manage new processes that are put in place. We must also consider was

to reduce stress and protect yourself for the environment.

In the work place we have to be more adaptable as everyday that comes things change.

Not only does society change but there are changes that need to be made within the corporation

that will allow the business to be compatible with other businesses as well opportunities for

growth in the business that will allow the corporation/ business on top. As professional we have

change with the times, realizing in every business we have a diverse group of people and the

younger to middle age group of people are more adaptable to change verses the veterans who

seem to be stuck in the old way of running a business because it has always worked, it's not all

of the veteran professionals however there are quite a few who refuse to move forward with the

times. The younger to middle age generation are scared to take risk and very competitive by

nature so they come with a vast amount of new ideas and change that will beneficial to the

business and are always looking to advance in the business. Often time the younger group is less

respected, the older group feels that they have more experience in certain area and are not willing

to respect or listen the ideas of others and as professionals we need to adapt to change by

listening and being considerate of new ideas that might promote a change in the business.

Sometimes ad professional we fail to examine ourselves and lack in the area of growth. Change

is about growth and being considerate and respectful of others will allow you to adapt better to

the people, work place and growth of the business.

Flexibility is important in the corporate world/business place. Being flexible is about

change and that can stem from a wide range of things such as ideas, dress, people and

personality. Flexibility in terms of ideas go back to the fact of change, you have to be open to

change and able to move when it's time to move without constraints. There are standards that

we must live by and we have to make ourselves available to the standards as it relates to the

ideas of others of whom which we



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