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United States Annexes Hawaii in 1900

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Essay Preview: United States Annexes Hawaii in 1900

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        The United States annexes Hawaii in 1900.

In 1875 the United States and Hawaii both agreed to give the U.S. favored nation status. It basically allowed Hawaiian sugar to then be imported to the U.S. without any tariffs. The American government people also known as the sugar cane growers, ended up clashing with the government by Queen Liliuokalani. The U.S. declared that the Hawaiian Islands are now the United States Territory. This is why I came to believe that it is Imperialism.

      The United States declines to give aid to Hungarian patriots in 1849.

The United States refused to give aid to the Hungarian Patriots because we forced on expanding into the wester territories. We also wanted our country to start in the east and reach all the way over to the west. This also made me believe that it is a form of practicing Isolationism.

    The United States attempts to meditate in the Venezuela- Great Britain dispute in 1895

In the territory of Venezuela they found a gold nugget, it created tension between them and Great Britain. Both countries claimed they found it in either territory. President Grover Cleveland tried his hardest to interfere with this situation, Then the United States would enforce the Monroe Doctrine. It states that the Western hemisphere was off limits to any European intervention. This led me to believe it is Intervention.



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