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Using Cellphone Is Essential for People

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Essay Preview: Using Cellphone Is Essential for People

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Using cellphone is essential for people in the modern daily life, it connect people's relationship and it is a quick way to read news. Anyway, it does not mean parents need to offer a cellphone for their children,because it is not a right age for most of the children to have a cellphone .Instead of having a cellphone, child should use their parents's phone or fixed phone. Children should not have their own cellphone For the following reasons: they might become addicted to their phone, it costs lots of money, it is harmful to their eyes.

Children usually lack of self- control, they can easily become addicted to cellphone.After they addicted to it , they might lose interest for other activities.Games, internet and texting ,which are the three main cellphone's functions we spend on most of the time . Children who spend too much time in their phone may becoming anti- social, they will only willing to type in their phone to express their opinion rather than talk to people in reality . Despite the user himself, cell phones are also distractive for others, so this is one of the main reasons why they are outlawed from the classroom.Children once addicted to cellphone, it cause different kind of problems.

It costs lots of money for parents to buy a phone for their children.



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