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We Propose While the Gods Dispose

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Essay Preview: We Propose While the Gods Dispose

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Michael Dunlap/ 2/13/18

“We Propose while the Gods Dispose”

        People like to always say that if you try your hardest, you will succeed or that other crap that as long you try your best you will accomplish your dreams. Let me tell you truthfully that is a total load of crap. We can train as hard as we want, we can try as hard as we want, and we can want it more than any one else, but the sad fact is if it isn’t meant to be then it just won’t. You only accomplish what the universe, the gods, or God, whichever you believe, wants you to succeed. Which is why “We Propose while the Gods Dispose.” You probably aren’t listening to me, you could be rolling your eyes right now and saying, “I will accomplish my dreams” or the ever popular “I’m different”. When the odds about you being different and accomplishing your dream are pretty slim. Wait I’m getting of base here, let me tell you a story about a young boy wanted to be the next Michael Jordan.

        Back in my younger days (look at me talking like an old man-I’m only 19) I once had a dream of making it to the NBA. I wanted to have multiple highlight videos of me dunking on multiple people and throwing up game winning buzzer beaters. I decided that I would put everything into this dream: I begged my parents for all the latest training equipment, read up on all the greats training routines, and even getting a pair of brand new jordans. Then when the moment of truth came, the tryouts for my middle school team I was cut, but I was like whatever I’ll just train even harder and come back next year, then I was cut again. For all of middle school and then all of high school I was consistently cut from every basketball team. I eventually became the school laughing stock. The boy that tries out every year, can be seen practicing on the gym floor doing lunch getting cut first what a loser. I was questioning why, why I couldn’t at least make the team and at least ride the bench, why were guys that didn’t train as hard as me and definitely didn’t want it as bad of me were the stars getting the D1 scholarships, just why. It eventually dawned on me that basketball was just not my thing, let me list the reasons: I wasn’t athletic, I had almost no ball control skills and unfortunately I max out at just 5’10. An unathletic 5’10 basketball player just isn’t going to make any team. That is where the “We Propose while the Gods dispose” comes from. I wanted to be a basketball player so badly, but the sad fact is the gods said no it just isn’t for you. Now there is a silver lining to this while I was unathletic, I ended up being naturally smart. I could ace any test or exam with just an hour of studying after not even being the class for most of the semester, so that’s when I realized the gods gave me a gift to use and I should use it to its full potential. Now I know what you’re thinking is it pointless to try something you’re not naturally good at, well no because in reality anything  can happen and instead of disposing of you the gods might bless you.



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