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What About Chinese Traditional Arts That Impresses You Most?

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Essay Preview: What About Chinese Traditional Arts That Impresses You Most?

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Chinese Traditional Arts.


What about Chinese traditional arts that impresses you most?

Tracing back histories, Chinese art’s origin started from very ancient times and it had been developed through centuries to centuries. Chinese paintings differ fundamentally from Western paintings in terms of how light and space is perceived and how it is expressed. After the Renaissance in the West, western painters focus on describing the objective perspectively with intensity. On the other hand, Chinese painters were focused on observing a person or nature and showing it on screen, but the way of expression was different. In other words, most Chinese (which we also can refer as “East Asian Artist”) artist had different approach to their objects, and it differ a lot from what west artist had took. There are various categories for Chinese paintings, but the one which impressed me most is bird and flower painting, which is known as the 花鸟鱼虫 (huā niǎo yú chóng) or The hua niao hua (花鳥畫).

In my personal opinion, the most charming point of Eastern arts are how they describe the objective with simpleness. Refrain from using colorful paintings, describing the portrait with selective colors, such as black, red, white, creates the beauty of chastity. The bird and flower painting, is one of those arts which describe the objective with limited usage of colors. It brings the viewer imagination and beauty of brevity. The most representative artist of bird and flower paintings are Huang Quan (哳㥳) and Xu Xi (徐熙). They were masters of two schools and used different method in painting flowers and birds. These two artists also had a great impact on the art of other eastern countries, such as Japan and Korea.

What problems do you see about the introduction of Chinese traditional art to other countries now? And what do you advise for Chinese traditional arts to be understood better by people outside china?

Chinese arts and artist may famous inside China, but honestly, they do not draw much attention internationally. Most of famous artists arts are from western artists. Chinese traditional art is quite undervalued worldwide. Chinese traditional art had great impact on creating atmosphere of Eastern Arts which can be greatly different from Western Arts. I think the reason for undervalued Chinese traditional art to other countries is mainly because lack of advertisement. Spreading cultural heritage, especially arts, is not a simple task. Especially for Art, it is much more difficult task compared to advertising foods. Chinese food are famous globally for its taste, however, it become famous worldwide not only someone pushed it but it became famous naturally. To advertise art, there must be assistance of Chinese corporation or government. It is not a matter of personal task to advertise cultural heritage,



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