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What Lessons Can We Learn Regarding Social Marketing Efforts from This Case?

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Essay Preview: What Lessons Can We Learn Regarding Social Marketing Efforts from This Case?

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Q1 : What lessons can we learn regarding Social Marketing efforts from this case?


* Establish Centre at the Heart so as to maximize efficiencies: Prabartana chose to work in the in the district of Tangail because of the relationship between agricultural and rural industries, so that we could fully understand the livelihoods of our rural producers. Tangail is a key area of Bangladesh due to its handloom production. It is an agricultural surplus area and handloom weaving is a predominant income activity.

* Motivating and Sustaining the Enthusiasm: Through schemes like free lunch to employees, minimum wages, timely monetary help in the form of loans acts as a motivating force. With the help of such schemes employees and participants experience feeling of belongingness and their enthusiasm is sustained. This sort of sustenance and short success are very important to continue the drive.

* Women as Epicenter of success: The weaving production is mostly done in villagers' homes, which follows the community's social norms. Many women are only involved in the pre-weaving stages and are not treated as equals especially in regards to pay and decision-making. Women came forward to be 'change agents' of the social system of production. UBINIG supported the women by giving cash capital so that they were in position to buy their own looms and help was given to access yarn.

* This initiative truly testifies the fact that If you educate a boy, you educate an individual but if you educate a girl, you educate the whole nation.

* A helping hand is all one needs: Prabartana's main work is supporting rural artisans and weavers in the development and production of their craft. Its work involves giving advice, support and training to weavers on design, costing, quality control and market access. Weavers are then able to sell their products to local markets and to Prabartana at a price that is fair to the weaver and that covers all their costs of production. Prabartana then in turn sells the product in one of its outlets in capital with information of the product to promote greater awareness of textile traditions of Bangladesh

* Continuous growth: Planned steps executed increase the probability of success. The diagram shows the timeline of progress of the campaign. Second stage's success is dependent on first and third's stage success is dependent on the last two.



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