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Why Consensual Argument

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When I think of the word argument, I think of a position, which one takes on an issue, that one must prove using reason and other persuasive methods. To me, the point of presenting an argument has always been to win - to bring others over to one's own perspective. After reading the selection from the Essentials of Argument by Nancy V. Wood, I learned that argument does not always have to be viewed as a battle with a winning and loosing side. In fact, a whole branch of argument, consensual argument, focuses on highlighting the similarities between different viewpoints, and using these commonalities to reach a compromise. I have always endorsed and admired this approach to problem solving, as it reflective of the democratic principles upon which America is founded, however; I never thought that it could be considered a form of argument. Since I normally try to avoid confrontation, this realization gave the word argument a more positive connotation in my mind. Consensual argument is more attractive to me because it leaves room for my tendency to seek a resolution to disagreements. Now that I have discovered my style, I will be less hesitant to engage in arguments in the future.

I chose Time as my magazine because I consider it a reliable source of up-to-date information. Although I do not read Time avidly, when I do pick it up I usually find more than story that peaks my interest. The magazine has also come to my aid many times in the past as a source for various research papers that I have been required to write. Therefore, as I embark upon this new writing endeavor I have decided to turn to a dependable resource such as Time to assist me.



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