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Why Soccer Is the Best Sport in the World?

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Essay Preview: Why Soccer Is the Best Sport in the World?

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Why Soccer is the Best Sport in the World?

There are many sports in the world, some of them are more popular than others and there are many different opinions about what sport is the best one. There is no doubt that soccer is the most popular sport in the whole world, it is the only mayor sport in Europe as well as in South America and Central America. Also in Africa and Asia is widely played along with basketball. Soccer, the most popular sport in the world, can be considered the best for several reasons.

Soccer is the greatest sport in the world and it is follow in all the continents. In many countries soccer is the most watched sport and the favorite for practice. There are different types of leagues and cups in different countries to watch. You can find strong leagues of clubs in Spain, Germany, Italy, England, France, Brazil or Argentina. Also there are tournaments played by the national teams such as Copa America, Euro Cup and the FIFA World Cup, the biggest sport event in the world played every four years.

"Soccer is one of the greatest sports and it is well-known all over the world since no other sport has a following this big. It is played in all continents and is the best sport in the world if measured by popularity. No other sport features 207 countries, of which a massive majority boasts soccer as their national sport, battling for a place in a true international championship, the World Cup finals, the most-watched sporting event in the world. Soccer can be just as rough as football although it is more exciting than Baseball." (Grjo)

"The World Cup brings together the best players in the world in the only tournament of its kind and gives a final say in who is the best in the world. The World Cup is not just a tournament that throws a team together so that their nation can participate and hope for the best, it is a consistent thought in the minds of professional soccer players and spectators from nations around the world. Soccer is not about the score itself, but the build up to it. It is kind of like a slow approach to a climax, and when it does come it is huge, so huge that riots are not uncommon." (Grjo)

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In the United States soccer is not consider a very popular sport. They have as mayor sports American football, basketball and baseball, and soccer is not a big sport as in other countries. A lot of people actually think that soccer is a sport for girls or that is boring. However, soccer is becoming more popular sport in the U.S, even in some high schools is more popular than American football or basketball.

Daniel B in his article about why soccer is the greatest sport says: "Many will say soccer is too low scoring of a game, but I've watched football games with only one or two touchdowns. Soccer is not about the score itself, but the build up to it. It is kind of like a slow approach



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