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Wild Cat Falling Characterisation

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Essay Preview: Wild Cat Falling Characterisation

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“Wild Cat Falling” Characterisation

The main person:

The main person in “Wild Cat Falling” has a really dominating presence throughout the whole story.

We do not get the main person’s name, and the closest we get to him is the reference “Jessie Duggan’s boy” (P.51).

The main person is a 19-year-old man with an aboriginal and criminal background. At the beginning of the story the main person is “lost” because of his pessimistic perspective of living, seen through “did she expect me to thank her for bringing me into this stinking world” (P.46) and also as “I don’t have any friends” (P.47). He has a lack of conscience, expressed through his reckless behaviour against his mother (p.46-47) and quoting himself “all cops should die”

The main character changes his personality after his meeting with the aboriginal man. He starts to discover his real identity and where he comes from. His behaviour against the aboriginal man gets more polite “Thanks for the food and everything” (p.51)  and Suddenly he gains a conscience that comes in effect at “sorry brother” and “how bad is he?”( p. 55-56).

A conclusion to his personality is that, at first, he does not know his place in the world or where he is from. The meeting with the aboriginal man helps him to find his roots and to know his place in the world. So you can actually say that the main person has two personalities in the story



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