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Winco's Project Plan

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Essay Preview: Winco's Project Plan

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Winco's Project Plan

Business Need/Problem/Solution

The need for Winco is to have a real-Time Customer Support system online. Currently Winco has customers e-mail with comments and questions. This can take up to 96 hours before the customer will hear back from Winco. This sometimes is an issue if customers have a need to get something taken care of right away, and it takes too long to get an answer it might make the customer upset, and feel like Winco does not care about them enough.

The software that can help Winco is one that allows customers to go on Winco's website and talk with a live agent. This way the customer gets the issue resolved or at least gets information on how to resolve it. It does come with a price but it is worth it to keep the loyal customers and attract new customers.

Here is a case scenario of what the software can do. Let's say a customer order's 30 cases of wine for a restaurant. When the customer takes the cases back to the restaurant, and when opening the cases the customer sees that two of the cases have broken wine bottles. At this moment the customer is upset because they have lost two cases of wine that is needed for the business. The customer could just take the two cases back to the store. But what if the customer has other business to attend that is more important. The customer has no time to go back to the store and maybe find out that they will not exchange them. If Winco has real live support online the customer can than go and talk to an agent and see what could be done. It can also defuse an incident from happening at the store location which in turn Winco could lose customers, if an argument would break out in the store. This software allows customers to interact with Winco without having to deal with each other at a store location. It can help with finding simply information like finding a certain item they might carry.

To deliver this project for Winco, all Winco needs to do is have the I.T Department do some resource of which software would do better with the companies needs and which software the company can purchase within the budget of the store. The software usually requires that you pay a monthly fee or annual fee to be able to support the software. The I.T department needs to see what companies provide what and what cost. After the I.T department has come to consensus of which company to go with they need to make sure that the contract they sign with that company that it benefits both that company and Winco.

This solution will impact both internal and external stakeholders. It impacts the internal stakeholders by giving reassurance that Winco is doing everything to improve the situations currently in place. It allows them to have more freedom to help those in the store. It also impacts the external stakeholders by making sure that the investments the stakeholders have



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