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Woman Roles

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Women have always played major roles or parts of their families' life's now and even in history. In difference cultures and families back ground most women role carry on for years, and years, and years. I often say that women wear many hats just looking at the women in my family over history just being a woman is a role all by it self without having any others roles to play is a large hat to wear all by it self.

Women in history and in today times according to their culture have had to wear the hat of being a mom all by her self if she have children and there is no father around, also she has been know to play the role of mom even if she was not the birth mom as if not being a mom to hers children by birth is not enough and large hat that she has to wear. If there are grand children you can not leave out being a grandma, then there is the wife, who may have to be the head of the family, then their friends who may count on you, a doctor if someone gets sick, a cook, the maker of clothes just to name a few. Most of these hats are hats worn by the women in the households.

If we look at the woman in the workplace most of the time their role-playing dose not stop they just add on. Women hardly take off one hat to put on another one most of the time she just adds on one after the other one. From early history to now women have had many roles to play or many numbers of hats to wear it have not stopped.

Many laws have help in how much women may not or can do has help changed some of the roles that the woman has to play, but the fact remain that the women works come with the wearing of many hats. In my essay I will try to show how in history that women roles, lives, and status may have changed from the early history, but even in the changes women roles still plays a major part the family, work place, church, today as

Women roles over history

they did in the beginning of time or in history. I feel that women have always played major roles in the family, and in the work place back in the history time just as well as they do now, woman still wear many hats.

Over the year of growing up as a woman myself traditional I have witness women in my family from my grand mom, mom, aunties, myself just as well as my own daughter plays many roles that are culture base as a women. Looking at the way I do some things and the way that my mom done these thing and compare them to the way my daughter, and or others of my younger family members do things lets me know that the things that we do are all based on traditions some of the same things that my mom showed me to do when I had my children I try to pass them on to my daughter when she had her babies things like before the baby navel cord falls off, my mom taught me and told me that I had to put a belly band around my baby navel and that the baby had to wear it until the navel cord falls off. All of that was what my grand mom told because her mom told and I came to find out that my entire mom sisters and their children did the same thing to their babies. The roles of the woman have pretty much being the same role thought out history according to the culture and their traditions. But the way each culture do this tradition may have changed. From early history to present history.

In the Chinese cultural education in the Confucian became one of the avenues to a position of social and political power in Han China. The Confucian doctrine did not accord women status was not equal to that of a man, as a matter of fact women were generally regarded as unworthy or incapable of a literary education. The Confucian classics say little about women, which shows how little they matter in the scheme of

Women roles over history

Confucian values. Most Confucian accepted the subservience of women to men as natural and proper. Ban Zhao composed a commentary on the popular lives of admirable women by Liu Kiong (77-6BC) and later in life produced her most famous work, the N Jie, or Lessons for Women. In lesson for women I found that one way that the ancients observed some of their customs was there were three ways that the woman sow her self to be humble before others, one was that on the third day when a baby girl was born the mother had to put her baby below the bed, second she had to give her a potshard which is a piece of broken pottery for the baby to play with, and thirdly the mother had to make the announcement of her baby birth to the ancestor by an offering. These three ancients customs epitomize woman's ordinary way of life and teaching of traditional ceremonial rites and regulations.

In early history and still today women have been knew to do thing basically because it is a family tradition, just as a woman being the head of the family. A system in which the mother is the head of the family is called matriarchal. A system in which the father is the head of the family is called patriarchal. Every civilized country for thousands of years has used the patriarchal system until the century we live in, the twentieth century this system was followed much more then it is today. The father was the head of the family, and his wife and children had to obey him. Women could not vote, and any property they owned before their marriage became the property of the husbands. In today modern family is much difference the woman rather she is a mother or not has been know to be the head of the family, with the way time have changed for women they can be the head now, vote and own their property and be able to maintain her owner ships even after

Women roles over history

she gets married. As far having to obey her husband in the modern family in today's time women do not like to be told that she has to obey her husband, but I myself will respect him because that is Gods order and most women I know today and watching my mom, aunties with their husband they would respect him even to the point of discussing her where about and talking over matter that the two would come to a common agreement, this one way that the role of the woman in the family have changed over time in history.

The Ottoman empire emerged in the fourteen century amid the numerous Turkic tribes vying for hegemony in the near east as ottomans rose to power, the role and position of women within society evolved as well in tribal times, women played a relatively public role in the affairs of the tribes. Following the conquest of Constantinople in 1453 the Ottoman saltans came to see themselves as the defender of the faith and they gradually embraced the practices of classical Islam among these were the veiling and cloistering of women, though these were a product of social convention rather than Islamic law, one of the most important works on gender in the premodern period has challenged the traditional image



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