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Wonder Woman a Role Model

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Wonder Woman a Role Model

People knows that Wonder Woman was the first female superhero, but she was the one that changes the society. And many young women were so inspired of Wonder Woman the way how she stands up for what she believes in and this in has made her a role model. Wonder Woman is showing people that women have the right to fight and to show that women need some respect. In America, there is some history about women, but all most people would do sit at home, taking care of their kids, and don't do anything but then things change now the women have rights and people have more respect but then things change now the women have rights and to have more respect. Wonder Woman is a good example of being a role model because she is kind, stand up for herself, and she believes what is right.

Wonder Woman is a made-up character just like all the rest of the superhero, but she was the first female superhero. But she also has a same common superpower as Superman super strength and the equipment like Batman. The person that created Wonder Woman was Professor Marston, he was the one that design and getting ideas about what's going on in his life. In the video Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, it just shows was the creation Wonder Women and the reason why is that he saw of what was happening into his life, so he got the idea of creating wonder women. There some evidence in the video that shows how he gets the idea from things that are happened like in the video Professor Marston and his wife was navigating of one of his student of what she was doing and from what people have seen is his student was hitting a girl with a pan, but when Marston was not thinking through, so he was trying to see how his student would react by doing something. And the other evidence was in the video the Professor, his wife, and his student was having a great time spending time with each other, but Professor saw what's going on in his life which he described Wonder Woman in his life like Professor was a spy which that would be Steve Trevor, his wife was the secretary which is Wonder Woman identity which it would be Diana Prince, and his student would be the main character Wonder Woman.

Many people started to create Wonder Women in the year 1941 it was the most popular comic book in the United States, only rivaled by Batman and Superman in overall sales. This led to unprecedented prosperity for the Marstons. But in the year of 1947, Marston died of cancer. "Holloway attempted to take over the Wonder Woman comic but was rejected. Instead, Wonder Woman was put under the purview of Robert Kanigher, who stripped Wonder Woman of her feminist sensibilities and made her into a stereotypical helpless female."

At the end of the video, Professor Marston gave a speech about who is Wonder Woman and proof the Wonder Woman is not a sexual harassment it just showing that already happened and to show that there is love. From that speech he had a flashback from his past all the great time that he has with his wife, his student, and his family. As soon as he realizes something from his past he knows that there was love between him, his wife, and his student.

Many people don't believe that Wonder Woman is not a good role model because people believe that Wonder Woman is too sexual. Which the adult thought that Wonder Woman is too sexual for their kids, but the kids don't know what many people are seeing in the comic book people think it's just a normal comic book for kids to look at. "In 1940, the Chicago Daily News called comics a “national disgrace.” Ten million copies of these sex-horror serials are sold every month,” wrote the newspaper’s literary editor, calling for parents and teachers to ban the comics unless we want a coming generation even more ferocious than the present one.” That why many people don't like the idea of Wonder Woman being sexual, so people started to argue about how Wonder Woman action and words that she was saying like she caught phrase which means lesbian, which many people don't want that.

Now people knows that Wonder Woman is a good role model. Because she has the strength, she stands out, and she believes in love. Her strength is mission pushes her to her physical and emotional limits, but thanks to her



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