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Workplace Analysis

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Project Analysis (part 1)

Marque Alford


September 17, 2012

John Neels

"Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, founded in 1975, serves patients nationwide as the country's largest privately held Specialty Pharmacy and focuses on complete medication management programs for patients with serious and chronic conditions. Diplomat's business model creates unique partnerships around both distribution and services with all industry stakeholders including physicians, patients, group purchasing organizations, hospital systems, retail chains and managed markets, always focused on improving adherence and the patient experience (DSP.com)".

Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy is a privately held health care organization focusing on complete medication management programs for patients with serious and chronic conditions. This organization provides services in a variety of programs include: Oncology, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis. Other specialty areas include Transplant, Fertility, Dialysis Medication Management, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Specialty Compounding. The company's Health Services division specializes in disease management programs for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, as well as home and outpatient infusion. DSP have locations in Flint and Grand Rapids, MI; Cleveland, OH; Chicago, IL; and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Diplomat services the specialty pharmacy needs of patients and physicians nationwide.

With the vast growth DSP have experienced in serving patient through the variety of different programs and from all; their DSP locations. DSP is always looking for a way to improve their quality in serving their patients.

This case study will address the project that Diplomat Specialty pharmacy is trying to develop a system to help with the quality, effectiveness and efficiencies of serving their patient in the community. According to the research done into DSP, shows they have developed a patient support process system that is more in detail that will focus on certain touch- point to help better to serve them in a timely and costly fashion. This will help to improve patient initial outcome, while giving DSP great overall look for their organization as wanting to provide quality for their patients. However, there will be some sort of challenges to develop when trying to proceed with this project.

The challenge to occur would be not being able to determine timing and the quality of covering all the patients touch-points, the stress of all the information being misplaced, due to it being on a paper not having the needed ability to address all requirements that is needed in a timely form for the patients insurance provider and the manufacture of the drug (pharmaceutical). In addition, Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy had the business opportunity that would cause them to be linked to a system that is electronically based within a four mouth window (spudsoftware.com). The system solution that is electronically based, that is focused on the needs of DSP patients care process would need to be done by web base, which has to be able to be linked into the current pharmacy database system Oracle that Diplomat already uses.

Oracle is a system application that is intended to give it user a complete and secure directions for it users to follow to be able to keep up with the current technology. With the vast growth of technology Oracle is devoted to providing their user with the options on a continuous basis of having access to updated system applications (dlt.com). Oracle is very valuable to DSP. This system provides the Pharmacy with complete solutions to issues and a variety to drives that may be a benefit to their business success.

So this new system to help in delivering a better quality of services for their patients must be compatible with Oracle. If it doesn't link with this software, then Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy would be at the risk of a bad reputation. Meaning their organization is not running effectively and efficiently. The System that DSP has decided to design to improve the quality they provide their patient is Spud Software. The software provides their user, stakeholders and clients with a flexible list of different network administration services that can help in increasing the DSP technology performance, by doing it cost friendly. Spud Software works with major distributors to get the right hardware to accomplish the project with minimal costs and impact to the DSP company. With this usage it can setup most major software programs to deploy from the server or deploy by computer as needed. It can also maintain licensing information and software



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