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World Atmosphere

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1. A. The atmosphere is located around the Earth. The atmosphere is said to carry gasses. All life forms need the atmosphere to survive.

B. There are 4 common gasses in dry air. They are Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon Carbon dioxide. All are Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, Neon, Helium, Methane, Krypton, Hydrogen (those were in order from least to greatest).

C. Most gases are in dry air. Most gasses are shown on a percentage in dry air because most gasses are in dry air. If most gasses were in wet air there would be a lot of chemichal reactions.

2. A. The world needs the atmosphere. It does because it holds oxygen, the Ozone is located in it and without the Ozone the UV rays from the sun would hurt us, the atmosphere contains water vapor wich no life can exist without rain or water.

B. The world needs carbon dioxide so plants can make oxygen. Without plants there would be too much Carbon dioxide and too little oxygen. Plants take in Carbon dioxide and make then release oxygen.

C. The world without the atmosphere would be terrible. There would be no rain, no plants, no human, too much UV rays from the sun, it would be like the moon, mars, or mercury. The planet would be barren without the atmosphere.

3. A. Acid rain and smog don't just form out of no where. An example of a human activity that forms these cruel pollutants is of burning coal. We burn coal to make energy which we use every day.

B. Smog hurts not only the Earth but also the human body. Smog hurts your throat, lungs, and irritates the eyes. If the world continues to make smog the Human life form could be in jeopardy.

C. Photochemical smog has different levels. The highest level is in summer. The light from the sun makes it.



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