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Yes We Can Save the Planet

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Essay Preview: Yes We Can Save the Planet

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We need to come up with ecological, social,

economic and political solutions to the problems

which affect billions of people if we want to

survive sustainably, and make a difference for

the future of our children, grandchildren,

and our great grandchildren. Here are some

facts that are surprising. Our water supply will

be 1/3 less by 2020. More than 1/2 half our rain

forests are destroyed. We are running out of

food. Three in every five people are starving and

poor. I answered a question at

poleonpetition.com. The question was, What is

the greatest threat to our economy? The answer

saving the planet starts with us coming together

as one, stop fighting with each other, and work

together for our next generation. Let our voice be

heard for our children to come, and for all of

humanity. Open our hearts, and minds, and

see, if we don't recognize, and be aware of

change, then we won't see what's right in front of

us. What happen to, One Nation, Under God,

Indivisible, With Liberty, and Justice For All? Our

representatives, our government, who are

suppose to be there to support us, are just turning

their heads to the vicious circle of the severe

position that our planets in, and that we're living

in our own prison. Just caring, being aware

of humanity is the first step in the right direction.

What we do now is for the next generation, our

children, and they will follow our footsteps; The

ones we molded for them. The shared values of

peace, justice, respect, cross-cultural

understanding and global cooperation;

Having the preservation of indigenous cultures,

traditions and ecologies, will enhance the




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