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"the Necklace" by Guy De Maupassant

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Essay Preview: "the Necklace" by Guy De Maupassant

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        In the short story "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant, the author used diction such as “She suffered endlessly…She suffered from the poorness of her house...” and “Aha! Scotch broth! What could be better? She imagined delicate meals, gleaming silver…”. I think that these words portray the desire for Madame Loisel to always wanting more and never being satisfied throughout the story, while her husband was simpler minded and content.

        I think that this story was very structured very simple. It started off with Madame Loisel being miserable because she didn’t have much. It climaxed at the point in which she borrowed a friend’s ‘expensive’ necklace and lost it, thus having to replace it. The story concluded with her working to repay debts for a necklace that started off as being not worth that much.

        The tone of the story is very depressing. This is because of the words that Guy de Maupassant used. In the second paragraph, he mentions her desires for the finer things in life for which Madame Liosel ‘suffered’. He wrote of her not having a dress to wear to the party that they were invited to. He also wrote to the fact that they had to work 10 years of hard labor to repay for a necklace that was a mere fraction in value for the one they replace it with.

        The writer’s point is that one should not go after the flashy things in life and that you shouldn’t tell lies. A person shouldn’t go after the flashy things in life because sometimes it may be worth less than what you really think it is. And by telling lies, you may  have to end up working and suffering more thank you need to than if you had just told the truth.



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