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Information System We Are Submitted

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in conjunction with


Assignment Cover-Sheet

College Student Number*

Module Number

FPC 2072

Module Title

Operations Management (full-time)

Lecturer Name

Boo White

Assignment Number


Assignment Title

Report (60%)

Assignment Format (essay/ report etc)

Individual report

Final Submission Date (Date Due)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Validity Declaration

I confirm that this submission is my own work and that all research sources are acknowledged. I have not allowed my work to be used/copied by any other person, nor have I used/copied the work of any other person.



*Your College student number is found on your City College Plymouth student card

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Foundation Degree in Business Management (Full time)

Assignment2 (of 2 assessments)

Module : Operations Management (FPC2072)

Date circulated:  Monday, November 28, 2016

Date for submission:  Wednesday, January 18, 2017 by 9.30 noon

Boo White


This assignment contributes to the learning outcomes:-

  1. Analyse and critically evaluate the design and layout of operations management throughout the supply chain
  2. Understand capacity and control in operations management

Assignment Briefing Guide (individual)

You are required to research and write a Report of 2400 words with the main focus of design and layout of operations and managing their capacity

Your Report should:

  • Analyse the process type and layout design of an operation within its supply chain e.g City College Plymouth Refectory, City College Plymouth Library, Supermarket or Retail Store
  • Critically evaluate as to the impact of the choice of layout upon the strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Demonstrate understanding of how capacity is managed within your chosen operation through short and medium term plans

Please note:

  • The weighting of this Report is 60% of the marks for the overall module
  • All assignments must be typed, use the required report structure, and  be of original content (your own words)
  • Use Arial font 12 and 1.5 line spacing
  • Word count:  2400 words (+/- 10%)

For Year 2 students you will be penalised for exceeding this limit e.g. for a word count of 3000 words you should not exceed 2640 words, or fewer than 2160 words.  Any work beyond the word limit will not be marked

  • Word count must be declared at the end of the report
  • All students should use Cite Them Rite as the definitive source for guidance
  • Assignment with no referencing (using Harvard Referencing) will be awarded a maximum of 39%
  • You will be penalised for poor referencing and failure to give valid sources

Plagiarism is a serious matter.  Please make sure that you are aware of the College’s regulations on academic dishonesty.  In your presentation and briefing guide, please make absolutely sure that you have clearly attributed any quotations or ideas from elsewhere.


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