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* How does Ball use operations management to stay competitive in the metal beverage containers industry?

It has implemented production and quality methodologies, like lean manufacturing, just-in-time and six sigma, to maintain cost down, have efficient production processes and improve the supply chain throughout the entire life cycle of the products.

Due to the nature of the product, it has made ventures related to recycling, since that leads to the use of fewer raw materials and less energy within the production process.

They also focus on customer satisfaction, and have identified business opportunities to provide unique solutions to customers.

* What keeps Ball from offshore outsourcing its production process?

The most important factor is the location of its customers. Since Ball is as the beginning of the supply chain, and it deals in the beverage industry, the key aspect is closeness to distributions and clients.

Ball has over 30 facilities located nationwide, which have been strategically placed to be close to the distribution channel. Since there market is mostly local, there is no reason to offshore production so as to have then re-shipped to the US, since whatever costs are saved in production is offset by transportation freight.

* What is the relationship between meeting customer requirements and quality management for a company like Ball?

In their case, since they deal with beverage that are for human consumption, quality if of the upmost importance, which is why they have quality programs in place, which test 100% of all products outputted.

Their customers depend for the cans to be in accordance to quality standards so that their products can be in accordance with standards for human consumption.

So quality levels are directly related to customer requirements.

Check out the Web page below at the Ball Web site, then let me know how you think "sustainability" helps Ball be more efficient in manufacturing and friendlier to the environment of planet earth.

Ball has successfully implemented lean manufacturing, where "waste" within the entire company processes is analyzed so as to reduce it. They have focused on cost saving measures in various aspects, that when they are summed up, they have a significant impact in a company's cash flow capabilities, thus leading towards better sustainability.

A good analogy is managing a house hold. If there is no extra income, then measures need to be taken is to assure that all needs are satisfied. Utilities are analyzed so as to make usage more efficient. Waste is eliminated and resources are better managed.

What Ball did was to better manage what they already have, and implemented new methods that lead towards


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