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Agt Case Study

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Essay Preview: Agt Case Study

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Objectives of Research Project

The primary ojective of this research project is to determine if there is a potential market for an amusement park in Karachi. This all encompassing objective can be broken down into the following sub objectives: estimating the potential demand for an amusement park in Karachi, determining the primary target market and understanding the needs of this target market.

In order for a survey to satisfy its objectives, the survey questions asked should be of relevance whereby each question should be measuring what it is suppose to measure. Questions 1 to 7 are trying to measure if there is a need for this project in the Karachi market. However these questions do not define the term "recreational facilities" making it subjective to respondent's interpretation. Adding a question with a list of the various types of recreational facilities for respondents to select from would remove this subjectivity and provide insight into preferences for paid versus free-of-charge facilities.

Besides that, the survey also lacks a couple of questions which would be useful for measuring market demand. For example, Question 5b asks about the last visit to an amusement park but does not ask about the total number of visits in the previous year. Question 6a asks about the amount of money spent during the last visit to the park, but there is no question regarding how much is currently spent at recreational facilities. Knowing how much is spent per visit together with the frequency of visits would be useful estimating the market size for recreational facilities and the potential demand for an amusement park.

While the survey may be weak in estimating potential demand, it does well in determining the primary target market and their needs. Questions 12



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