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Oberweis Case Study

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Oberweis Case Study

* How does Oberweis segment its overall market?

They basically offer three types of products: Milk sold directly at the customer, whether it be from an Oberweis store or delivery, Ice Cream product sold at their specialty store and wholesale/distribution channels, which are Oberweis products that are sold at retail stores and supermarkets.

* Who are some of the market segments that serve as target markets for Oberweis?

They have does that purchase home delivery, which are consistent of families living and house and not buildings, since due to the nature of their home delivery system, they can't delivery to buildings.

They have purchases made at their Ice Cream stores, which are customers that don't necessarily purchase their milk but do consume their ice cream.

Then they have a variety of products offered at retail stores so as to broaden their target. Products that differ from dairy, like frozen meals.

* What marketing strategies provide Oberweis with success toward satisfying its target markets?

They have implemented a customer loyalty program, which offers customers products and discounts so as to try more products made by Oberweis.

They have located their Ice Cream stores based on marketing research, so as to appeal to their target audience.

They also have diversified so that customers can place home delivery orders by phone or through the internet.

According to the March 2003 article below, Oberweis launched a single serving plastic package with milk aimed at the target market of children. Given that many schools are getting rid of sugar-heavy soft drinks from vending machines, this appears to have been a wise marketing move.

Class, with aging baby boomers, what kind of products might Oberweis sell to this target market? How should they be packaged for this market segment?

They can offer different types of package milks, in a variety of flavors and characteristics, such as low fat, vanilla flavored and chocolate.


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