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Reflection of How to Build Tall Papertower

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Report of paper tower

1.The aim of the activity:

Use less pieces paper to make a paper tower as high as possible.

2.The idea of the design:

For paper, it’s light and cannot stand by itself, so we need to change it to tridimensional structure to stand at first. We think about that cylindrical body is easy to make and can stand stablely. So we make the paper into cylindrical body.

[pic 1]

Secondly, we need to make the cylindrical body as high as possible, so we put the small paper to support the cylindrical body (small paper could save enough resources).

[pic 2][pic 3]

                                                       Big paper[pic 4]

[pic 5]

                                                          Small paper[pic 6]

                                                      Big paper[pic 7]

At last, we can put cylindrical bodies to make the tower high and also can stand at the desk. We want to use four pieces of big paper and three pieces of small paper to make the paper tower.

3.The result of our experiment

The cylindrical body cannot stand because we want to make it too high, the stability of the paper should be considered in our group.

4. Conclusion

Though we think about that we can make the paper tower as high as we can make, but actually we failed and don’t meet our aim.

The first reason is that we don’t think about too much about the stability of the paper should be considered in our group.

The second reason is that the structure of the tower is not very stable, we cannot just use cylindrical bodies to do that, we can use more other cubes, like triangular prism or rectangular solid.


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