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Self Reflection Essay

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This semester is LW I have learned my weakness and strengths in writing. First one of my weak areas in writing is the ability to keep the flow; throughout my paper. I sometimes have a hard time making my paragraphs flow together and keeping the same topic without going into something else. My biggest problem is figuring out how to write what I am thinking. Another weakness is my sentence structure i can't seem to get my sentences to transition well. Next weakness is organizing my paper. I have real trouble with putting paragraphs and sentences in the right order. My strengths in writing are grammar and that I have good ideas and I know what I want to write, it's just putting in on paper.

This semester class discussions helped me this semester with writing papers by seeing others point of views and seeing the things that I missed when reading the piece and writing my essays, also the feedback on rough drafts when we organize my thoughts and make my paper better than it was before. I have grown all though out my Lw class with reading and analyzing texts I have used it to help to understand what I'm reading by asking question to the text and getting to the main points of the plot of a story. Drafting and revising skills have helped me a lot first helping me form a better paper by going back and forth, organizing the paper, and editing the results. It helps me take it step by step to come out with a great paper. Participating in class discussions were challenging for me personally because I don't really talk a lot I usually stay to myself in class, so when It was time to do a Socratic seminar I was worried but once I did it I saw that everyone's point of views on the story were different and that others had come up with things that I never thought of from the story that have a significances it had to the meaning of the story. My goals for the rest of the year and then rest of my ;life in writing are to keep writing and try to make it better and better because there is always room for improvement in writing, also I will continue to ask for help with my writing and continue to grow in the skills that I have learned from my professor this semester. I will continue to work and give my best in all the writing I do.



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