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Personality Development

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Personality Development

The development of an individual's personality had multiple factors. Many of these factors can be found in the tradition personality theories of psychology. How and where we live have significant effect on our personalities. This affects our inner action with others and how we act socially. Personality is also affected by gene and environment interaction, cultural factors and our temperament. Our personalities are also dominant in society's biological models, and are influenced by the five factor trait theory.

How does the gene-environment interaction influence personality?

Personality is a combination of mental and genetic characteristics and is two critical factors in determining a personality, which makes the individual different and unique. Nature and Nurture assumes that a trait is primarily due to genetic variability or environmental exposure (Cervone, 2010). As individuals, our biological features are inherited from our parents and our personalities from society and the world around us (Cervone, 2010).

Is culture a factor in personality expression?

The influence of personality by culture factors is becoming increasingly important. In our cross cultural world is essential for us to be aware of the way our culture impacts us as individuals. It is important to realize that the development of infants is influenced by cross culture and culture factors, especially members within our own family units and communities (Witt, 2013). The non-human studies of biological and trait theories are part of the personality. These theories state that a person's personality is determined by culture and by the traits you are born with. Most psychologists believe that freewill have a hand in changing the cultural trait of your personality. They also believe that chemical imbalances will change how you react to issues and changes (Witt, 2013).

What do twin studies show us about the inheritability of personality?

Twin studies show that genes and our surroundings can possibly form the personalities, behaviors, and psychopathologies of human beings is one obvious way to approach the controversy of heredity versus the environment. However many feel it is probably wiser to examine the distinctions between biology and the environment to try and decide how the two are intertwined (Personality Synopsis, 2013). It is clear though that all the data available cannot answer the questions of twins and inherit personality and human behavior. Each study of twins, adoption and family foundations is made up of a large variety of topics that all come back to a diverse structure. In analyzing each case psychologist rationalize patients on a case by case basis (American Sociological Association, 2005).

What characteristics of temperament


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