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Personal Development Plan

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I am an active person and by saying that I refer that sometimes I am capable of doing a lot of things that usually make me spend more time that it actually takes me. I am somehow the type of person ”Let’s do it now, not in the last day” because gaps/errors might appear and I like that everything be more than perfect. I’m passionate of everything that requires attention, time and care of details. But in the same time, I have days when I’m more than lazy. I like to spend those days reflecting to my person and what can I do when my energy will be back.

For example, because session was coming I had to read books and courses specific to my Faculty profile. I pass though French articles, Macroeconomic problems, books for History (there were many and exhausting) like “The World in Flat” by Thomas Friedman (it has a lot of numbers which I had problems with memorizing them) or “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein. So I was exhausted and I realized that because I was so concerned to read them since there are useful for faculty, I didn’t read a book that it was my choice since the last summer. I knew that is the period of session but I couldn’t keep me away from going to a library, decided that I should do also something for myself like a “guilty pleasure”. So I bought the book “On Dublin Street” by Samantha Young. It made me feel happy because reading is something benefic for every person since it makes you understand new things about yourself and make you feel that the words put you in a parallel universe. That moment represent for me something like a revelation, make me feel more attracted of doing things for myself, my happiness and my personal development.

My plans for future are guided by those criteria. So I would like to travel more than going to the sea or mountain this summer and for that I already made reservation for Portugal because I saw some pictures, I read about the country, I talked to friends that encouraged me to visit it, they already have been there and made me feel curious about discovering it.

But until then, I need to try new things. When the session will be over and exams passed, my dear books will wait for me. I have proposed to myself to read the rest of 3 books like the previous one by Samantha Young and I already bought 2 of them, the last it was difficult to find but since then, I will find it and I will buy it.

I also want to reflect more to myself, and that include meeting people that at a certain point meant something for me, like my best friend from General School and High School, that was in class with me until 3 years ago and also my desk mate from the first class until the tenth class. After she moved in a different city we continued to talk, meet but it was not really the same thing since both of us have different programs and new friends. She also came to Bucharest and we succeeded to meet



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