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Personal Development Portfolio

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Personal Development Portfolio

1. Executive Summary:

My Personal Development Portfolio for next five years, starting from 1. June 2013 to 31. May 2018 planned for to became a senior software testing analyst where I completed my education in MBA (IS).Dublin, Ireland. Software quality testing skills which I am planning to learn should help me to reach my goals easily. In Ireland, I saw some employment gaps regarding this profession. Once I got recruited in a company which results adding some experience about to start climbing the steps on the ladder step by step. (Eric, 2010).

2. Promoter(s):

2.1 Career Objective:

To use my skills, experience and adaptability to obtain a software testing analyst, Business leadership qualities where I am challenged. My greatest strength is my ability to walk into a new environment and be functional immediately. I am quick to learn and adapt to new situations, configurations and technologies. (Althaf, 2011).

2.2 Values and Value-Statement:


The most significant personal values in me are the most would be my family. My family would always be there and supports me. No matter how many good friends you have, they will be never be there for you forever. Another important value of mine is the ethnicity. This belief is very important to describe me. Due to the fact that I am born in India, I was brought up to what I am today. Ethnicity causes different people to have different standards in life. My parents have expectations and those expectations become my expectations which make me improve in life. Ethnicity also covers religion and culture. Memories are also given some sort value in life, therefore everyone must value their memory. I value my memory for it reminds me one of the things and events what happened to me throughout my life.

Coming to my professional values are also shaped by the context and settings which they exist. They reflect how we conduct ourselves at work and how we relate to our colleagues and members of our community. They are guides to our decision making. (Rodger, 1998).


SERVICE: with honesty and integrity.









In my point of view success is nothing but, achieving your goals what you targeted in particular span of time in our lives. I would like to remember myself as being dignity at work, easy going, a good sense of humor and a good loyal friend and relative


Core beliefs are things I know and things I believe that are true about myself regardless of what anyone else feels about me. (Jay, 2012)

Positive beliefs:

* I am good human being.

* I am helpful and lovable by most of the people around me.

* I think very practically particularly when setting my goals in personal and professionally.

* I can analyse my power what I can do in reality.

* I am working hard for my people to keep my promises and commitments.

* I agree myself that I am different from other persons, which is a positive thing and gives me more satisfaction in life when I reached some of my targets.

Negative beliefs:

* I took my time to fix a goal or to decide.

* I compromise in some of the things.

* I am very good at some people.

* I don't care those who some people didn't care about me.

The quick way to connect with my employer is, I will understand what is important to him converts that makes matter to me. Making a good first impression at work. Sincerity and locality towards to my employer.

My priorities are to good settlement in life by getting suitable job proportional to my qualification and look my family happily.

My short term goals are to finish my MBA by learning personality development skills and with a good grade.

Medium term goals are to find out a good job in Dublin which I aim for.

Long term goals are to get good experience in testing to make me stronger in skills. (Mind tools.com)

Positive statement:

Skills and right direction in right time leads our journey towards to the success which we aim for.

Guiding principle:

My guiding principle is my family, I need to do something for my family and make them happy. In reality, I saw so many great people achieved some many things in life without any platform and support. So, why I am not.

2.3. Passion:

* I am passionate about my family because I am not here without them. I wanted to do something for them and make them very happy.

* I am very passionate about music. I am really bored without music because when I am felling happy or sad I listen music to make myself



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