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Alternative Energy Is the Solution to the Energy Crisis We Face Today

Essay Alternative Energy Is the Solution to the Energy Crisis We Face Today and over other 28,000+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

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The world heavily depends on fossil fuel for energy. The electricity we use daily comes from coal burning and other fossil fuels products like natural gas. This type of energy source has its limitation. For decades we have used an energy source that is non renewable, and according to experts; we have already consumed half of the fossil fuel reserves. With the ever increasing demand, and our current rate of consumption, we are likely to consume all the fossil fuel supply within just 35 years.

We still have an energy source better than fossil fuel, and it is all around us. Solar Energy, wind energy and hydro energy are just some of the energy we can use as an alternative for fossil fuel. These types of energy are renewable which simply means they will never run out.

Solar energy is probably one of the most abundant energy available in the planet. Almost anyone can make use of the suns free energy. That is also the reason why it is the most popular alternative energy being used today. There are wide ranges of solar application you can choose from. Using a solar heating application, anyone can keep their homes cozy at night all for free. The system stores the heat during the day, and slowly releases it throughout the night, keeping the entire house warm and comfortable.

Instead of using expensive natural gas for cooking, a solar cooker is a great alternative. It uses the free heat from the sun to cook food.

The most popular solar application uses a device called solar panel. It is comprised of several tiny photovoltaic cells. These small powerful cells can generate electricity. One of the good things about the solar panel, is it can be used anywhere there is a good source of sunlight. More and more households today are starting to adapt these solar applications to take advantage of the suns free energy.

Another alternative energy source for producing electricity is wind power. This kind of alternative energy is suitable for locations that have wide open areas and strong winds. If you are located near farm lands, then this is the best alternative energy source for you. The system is made up of several blades, a generator, and a tall tower. It looks almost like a windmill; the only difference is it produces electricity. More and more wind farms are now being developed these days to utilize the winds energy. This only proves how effective wind energy is for generating electricity.

Renewable energy sources like solar power and wind power has so many advantages over conventional production method like fossil fuel burning. Renewable energy sources produce clean and reliable energy without the threat of pollution, and best of all, it's free and would never run out.

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