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360 Degree Appraisal at Johnson and Johnson

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Essay Preview: 360 Degree Appraisal at Johnson and Johnson

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1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Johnson and Johnson's 360-degree appraisal? Ultimately, I believe that there are more disadvantages than advantages to the system. First of all the advantages of this system allows managers to specifically target a rate to be evaluated. This can help to ensure better development and review of the ratee that will aid his/her performance within the company. Drawbacks from this type of system can include a number of things. Even though the manager does the selecting of the raters he may not be aware of other implications. For example a rater that may be selected could meet all the proper criteria to be considered a good candidate. But this rater may dislike the ratee and give a bad review based on personal reasons. This can affect the outcome of the rating given, and the rater can be protected by anonymity.

2. Do you think the rating system is useful? How might you suggest improving it? The rating system can be beneficial for Johnson and Johnson to evaluate employees and provide much needed feedback. This feedback can benefit the ratee and give them a reason to perform their duties at higher levels to receive this positive feedback. I feel that Johnson and Johnson should use a system where there are more employee suggestions taken into consideration concerning performance improvements with the employees. Assuming that all feedback is 100% accurate given by the raters this would be an ideal system. However nothing is perfect so there are always drawbacks to a system regardless of what it is.

3. What are you views on the anonymity issue? Should rater be encouraged to be open? Explain. In this type of situation I feel that anonymity is very important. Let's say that there is no anonymity and all rater have to disclose their identity in the review to the ratee. If the information is negative and the ratee does not feel he was evaluated properly he may take it the wrong way. The ratee could be on the rating side of the person who gave him negative remarks. The roles would be switched and the person who was given the initial negative feedback could do the same for the person who gave him/her bad remarks. I'm sure that Johnson and Johnson has implemented some type of selection process where they can avoid situations similar to this one.



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