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3d Technology

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The new technical device for today's television is 3D, 3 dimensions. Now you can view movies, sports, and games in 3D with a pair of dark shades especially made through a sensor that's placed between the lenses on the glasses. It gives you the advantage of seeing television as a close up shot of the picture you're viewing, which would make the people and images appear to be jumping out of the screen. 3D television was released in homes this year, 2010. All 3D technology relies on the idea that if separate images are presented to the left and right eyes, the human brain will combine them and create the illusion of a third dimension (Sutter, 2009).

It is revealed that 3D is not ready to be released in homes, and still in its early days. What this means for consumers is that there is still too little content, distributions scarce, and technical kinks on the TVs still need to be worked out (Reardon, 2010). It is said that watching the new 3D dimensional television can make an ill person feel much worse. If you are in bad physical condition, elderly, pregnant, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or young children, you should think twice because of its health risk of the eyes and shockwaves from the screen. The industry is in the rush of pushing the new technology out without considering the health risks and longevity of the new dimension. Some satellite TV providers have not yet released the new technology to their network, but will be emerging it soon. There are concerns that 3D broadcasts, which require twice the data, will gobble up an unworkable amount of television bandwidth; and some worry that 3D glasses and graphics won't make a smooth transition to American living rooms (Sutter, 2009).

Sports were the first to be shown in 3D television; movies and games have followed. Other type of viewing should be expected to follow shortly. There are more new movies coming out in 3D, such as Avatar, Step Up, Clash of the titans, Shrek, Alice in Wonderland, and much more. Regal Cinemas are allowing customers the choice of watching any movie in 3D or regular viewing. If you choose to watch in 3D, it's an extra charge for the dark shade glasses. Although you need to wear glasses when you watch 3D TV, manufacturers are working on technology for glass-less 3D viewing to come (Reardon, 2010). Animated films actually have less of a 3D effect because they are designed for children, whose eyes are set closer together than adults (Reardon, 2010). Having less 3D effect in children's films is a great idea because the effects in 3D is not designed for young children eyes and can possibly cause damage and other health risks.

The cost of all this equipment could run into the thousands, preventing a surge of early adopters still too strapped to even buy a regular HDTV or wise enough to wait until the technology catches on, if it ever does ((Schuster, 2010). When a 3D Television



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