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4 Ps for Portable Charger

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Essay Preview: 4 Ps for Portable Charger

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The product that we are offering to the customers is an eco-friendly Powerstick. The features of the Powerstick are the following: energy saving, wireless system, rechargeable system, eco-friendly materials, single small plug, disposable and recyclable. The first prototype is based on a stick which recycles energy through a cycle we called auto regeneration process, which happen to be in a terminal that will charge the sticks. Moreover, we are not going to use any wires or wall plugs. The second prototype use a battery and a canalization tool material to charge the phone.

Our product will replace the traditional method of connection using cables, because it will provide a new framework of charging. The product is set to displace the traditional cable connection in 10 years and make all the charging process of the mobiles phones wireless. Actually, we need to adjust the product itself according to the current technology that we have available.


The Price varies according to the purchasable power of each customer, we are going to offer 3 categories of product: instantaneous plug, normal plug, deluxe plug. The energy that each of them can provide is different, but also the cost will vary. For example the instantaneous one can charge your phone up to 25% and will cost 15快, the normal one will charge your phone up 50% and will cost 30快, the deluxe one will charge your phone up to 75% a will cost 45 快.

Our initial models will be more expensive, after technological improvements and adjustments we will have the opportunity to decrease the price, search other green materials or add some other features in the plug. Based on supply and demand, the price of the product could change, therefore we are going to make an analysis of substitutes and their weaknesses and we also are going to gather marketing information of the customers.


We are going to sell the product at the airports, concerts, clubs, theathers, financial centres, highway stores and turistic spots. Places where people always run out of battery, so they can have the opportunity to stay in contact with their relatives. One important characteristic is that most of these places will have hordes of people coming out and in, hence we will take advantage of the spots to sell the power sticks. We are going to have a stand with all the instructions on a wall. Moreover, we are going to have an assistant in each stand to provide not only a product but also personal assistance. After we extend the product in many cities, not only in Beijing, we are going to spread the usage of power sticks across the globe. We are going to make alliances with technological companies in Silicon Valley to improve our product. In the long term we are going to displace the current use of wires and cables, so the power sticks could dominate the market



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