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Pdf Case - Portable Document Format

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PDF is stand for Portable Document Format or it also can be described as Netware Printer Definition File. PDF is a multi-platform file format, this is because it is allow to preserves file which is quite importance and exchanges data, either complete pages that need to be printed or advertisements that needs to be included in a publication. The person who is invention the PDF is John Warnock that evolved "Camelot" into PDF in year 1991. The company of Adobe, Aldus, and Apple created DTP-Desktop Publishing and it was completely changed the traditional model of printing in year 1982.Adobe company produce a lot of software which is helpful in creation aspect and there are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Frame Maker.

First and foremost, the things I can do with the PDF are create the electronic document file. This is due to PDF is a general software and PDF is as close as you can get to "the paperless office". For example, a lot of employees use PDF format to create their own file such as presentation slide, text, picture and video .Besides that, we also exchange data from unknown file to PDF format because more and more applications can read PDF files. For example, we always exchanged as PDF files when create advertisement and PDF/X is a special version of PDF that is optimized for this type of applications. Hence, PDF can be used as an interactive document which is easy to run the unknown file format or stored information.

The second point I would like to is talk about the icon of PDF file.PDF file have .PDF extension that behind of the folder name and their icon is look like this .Nowadays, the Macs (Apple's copyright software) and PCs is also built-in support for PDF. So, we will not see the specific icon that the PDF handle a lot of file format which the application is not installed. Adobe Viewer has become a necessity of software; this is because a lot of systems are supported by PDF format .For example, we can through PDF to read the text from Microsoft.doc format and Notepad.txt format. Thus, the PDF file format can be replaced many applications and it is common software in 21th century.

The third point is discussed about how do I open and view the PDF files. Adobe Reader is interpreter software that is free of charge and which can open or read the PDF file document. The easiest way to view a PDF file is by downloading the free Adobe Viewer application from the Adobe web site. At now, Adobe Viewer is usually also included on the CD's to interpret some important details. Some company software will included adobe viewer to read the PDF file such as Canon printer installer, Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X. So, Adobe Company invents an essential driver for reading, viewing and creating that is useful by the all computer users.

The next point is going to talk about how I create the PDF file document. I have to create it by the method which is through the Microsoft words



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