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8 Indicators of the Fire Service

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Essay Preview: 8 Indicators of the Fire Service

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There are eight indicators of terrorism according to Bennett (2007). This discussion gives an overview of the eight indicators of a terror attack. Which two can be easily monitored and exposed by law enforcement investigations?

Eight indicators of Terror Attacks.

1. Surveillance- Terrorist will watch a selected target to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and number of emergency personnel that may respond to an incident. Terrorists are looking for weaknesses and possible opportunities to attack the facility (Bennett, 2007, pg. 208-209).

2. Information- Terrorist will gain as much intelligence as possible about a target. The terrorist may request intelligence on security, blueprints of a facility, and possible points of ingress/egress (Bennett, 2007, pg. 208-209).

3. Testing- Terrorist will test how much time passes before law enforcement officers respond to a security threat, and the directions responders take to a specific location. Terrorist can use methods to create a rise in false alarms to understand how security responds. (Bennett, 2007, pg. 208-209).

4. Intrusion- Terrorist will attempt to gains actual access to an area around the expected target. Terrorist will send an unauthorized individual into a restricted area to gathering intelligence. Terrorist will look for any way to gain intelligence. Terrorist can get inside access from no physical intrusion. Intel can be gained through penetrating computer systems (Bennett, 2007, pg. 208-209).

5. Supplies- Terrorist will attempt to procure supplies that will be used in all eight stages or indicators of the attack. Terrorists may purchase or steal equipment in order to gain access to a secured area. Terrorist may impersonate first responders by stealing uniforms or identification. Terrorist will purchase, steal or, create counterfeit copies of passports or other important documents. (Bennett, 2007, pg. 208-209).

6. Suspicious people - Terrorist will elicit suspicious behavior and will stand out or not belong in the environment. An individual that does not fit in or rarely socializes with others could be a potential indicator for threat.

7. Trial - Terrorist will attempt a trial run of the planned attack. Terrorist create practice situations of the attack to exposed strengths and weaknesses in the plan. (Bennett, 2007, pg. 209-211).

8. Position- Terrorist will deploy assets or get into position. Terrorist will communicate final plans, assemble weapons, and plant resources in specific locations. Final chance for Law enforcement and individuals last chance to detect or stop attacks. (Bennett, 2007, pg. 208-209).

The two of the eight indicators that can be the most easily monitored and exposed by law enforcement investigations are testing and trial.




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